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    Christopher DeWitt (Rep) Director, Business Development

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    Tom Flynn (Rep) Senior Director, Alvarez & Marsal

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    John Mitola (Dem) Attorney

  • Christopher D. Skoczen (Dem)

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Why do you want to serve on the Board of Finance? What special qualifications and experience will you bring to the office? How will these assist you in providing solutions to the financial issues facing Fairfield?

Discuss three major financial issues facing the Town, and how you believe they should best be resolved.

I want to continue to serve on the Fairfield Board of Finance to carry on my long standing commitment of volunteerism to our Town, our State and our Country. Experience matters on the Fairfield Board of Finance, especially with these turbulent financial times in Hartford. I have served on the Board of Finance for the last ten years, including the period which we faced the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. These experiences, along with key procedures I have helped establish and implement, have given me insight into how to keep Fairfield in the best financial position possible.
Hartford-As cuts in funding come from Hartford, Fairfield must react with long-term structural changes that allow us to provide our taxpayers with the services they deserve. Leadership-Fairfield needs its elected leadership to create, implement & follow a long-term strategic plan. When long-term issues come from Hartford, the Federal Government or from other events, a strategic plan helps leadership plan & react. Structure-Our Town & BOE infrastructures lack synergy and efficiency. Real change needs to happen under our own design or we’ll be forced to make changes while in financial duress.

Facebook Page http://Flynn for Finance
I have served for two terms on the Board and been Chairman for seven years. Given the State fiscal crisis, Fairfield is facing significant fiscal challenges. I want to address these issues and preserve the long-term financial stability of the town.

Professionally, over 25+ years, I have served as a CPA, CFO, COO and CEO for several companies. Now, I am a Consultant assisting clients with complex financial issues, long-term planning and mentoring Senior Executives. I am a Board Member of Ct.'s Green Bank.

My unique and diverse background will allow me to serve the town effectively.
State Fiscal Crisis – Build financial independence from the State and budget accordingly. Funds received from the State should not be depended upon.

Affordability – Remain competitive: control spending / taxes; invest in economic development, (Grand List); cultivate new revenue streams; private / public partnerships; dept. efficiency reviews and continue to fund long-term liabilities

Education & Town Services – Continue reasonable & prudent spending - focus on delivering appropriate services in efficient & effective ways, embrace technology, challenge & change how we do business
I want to continue serving on the Board of Finance because I care about Fairfield and believe more than ever, given the State's fiscal difficulties, that we need to continue to make wise financial decisions. I am qualified because I have served on the Board of Finance for several years now, served on the Board of Education for 6 years, served on the RTM for 2 years, served on building committees and other town commissions and practice in the area of employment and municipal law. I believe that this experience gives me a unique understanding of our town and its finances.
1. The State's current fiscal situation will undoubtedly mean that Fairfield will receive less and less funding from the state. We need our state representatives to advocate for our town and seek long term solutions for our state. Also if Fairfield will be receiving less funding than our town needs relief from expensive state mandates. 2. Keeping our taxes low while providing the services that our citizens expect. This can be achieved through smart choices on budget cost drivers such as debt service, surplus and health insurance. 3. Long term planning on facilities and staffing to save money.
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