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South Carolina House District 113

This race is to fill the State House seat for District 113.
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    Marvin R Pendarvis (Dem) Attorney

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Why do you want to represent the citizens of House District 113?

What experiences qualify you to represent the citizens of House District 113?

What changes to the gun laws in our state would you support or oppose?

As the federal government struggles to fix the Affordable Care Act, what will you do on the state level to assure that affordable health care is available to all South Carolinians? Are there changes on the state level that might improve health care in South Carolina?

What measures would you support to prepare South Carolinians for the skilled, good-paying jobs that employers want to fill?

The S.C. Supreme Court decided in the Abbeville case that the state fails to provide a minimally adequate education to students in the state's poorest school districts. What ideas do you have to improve public education for students living in the poorest areas?

Based on the upcoming 2020 census, the state will need to redraw legislative boundaries. Are you supportive of having the General Assembly continue to draw these boundaries, or should an independent group be involved? What criteria do you support for identifying these boundaries?

Do you believe that citizens have a right to know the donors to groups that attempt to influence elections in South Carolina and how they spend their money? Please explain your position.

Campaign Phone (843) 330-2540
Age 28
Education B.A. Political Science, USC, 2011 J.D
Experience North Charleston Board of Zoning Appeals since 2016, Lowcountry Alliance of Model Communities since 2015, former North Charleston City Council Candidate, Garrett Academy of Technology School Improvement Council since 2014
First, I'm a native. In 2015, I ran for city council in North Charleston. I lost, but it gave me valuable experience and an opportunity to stay involved. Immediately after, I got involved on the North Charleston Board of Zoning Appeals, Lowcountry Alliance of Model Communities, Garrett Academy School Improvement Council, and the Black Expo Advisory Board. These experiences gave me tons leadership and planning experiences, and provided me an opportunity to interact with local and state leader
I am a proponent of closing the "Charleston Loophole." That is one change that I support. With that, I respect and support the right to bear arms. However, we must ensure that we advocate for responsible gun ownership and that guns do not get in the hands of those that should not have one.
The biggest and main thing we can do to address healthcare in South Carolina is to expand medicaid in our state. That is something I will push for.
I support efforts to gear us toward free technical college. I support funding for the public school system that will place emphasis on career technology. I support mandating that prospective employers train and provide educational opportunities for the people in the areas they occupy. South Carolina has benefited greatly from growth in industry. Now is the time for the work force to catch up. We must prepare our people to be educated and equipped to take advantage of the opportunities.
First, I believe we need to revisit Act 388 that gave a tax break to owner-occupied homes. I have had conversations with district leaders and education experts, and there is a general consensus that Act 388 has left many poor school districts strapped for cash. Second, we need to look at the sharp increase in charter schools and the impact they are having on the public school system; particularly the poor areas.
I support the General Assembly having the ability to draw the lines, with the understanding they are under clear directives that they be drawn fairly. There still has to be an approval process. With population growth and demographic shifts, the lines will always need to be drawn in a way to ensure a fair and equitable representation of the populous.
Yes, I am all for transparency. Elected officials and prospective candidates must file reports for this very purpose. It adds a layer of accountability and openness that we must have in government and certainly in elections. logo


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