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Town courts have jurisdiction over a broad range of matters, including vehicle and traffic matters, small claims, evictions, civil matters and criminal offenses.
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    David Michael Barry, Sr (Rep, Con, Ind, Rfm) Town Justice

  • Vincent B. Campbell (Rep, Con, Ind, Rfm)

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    Brett C. Granville (Rep, Con, Ind, Rfm) Second Assistant County Attorney

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    Gino M. Nitti (Dem) Town Justice

  • Shannon J. O'Keefe-Pero (Rep, Con, Ind, Rfm)

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What are your views on creative approaches to sentencing?

If you could achieve one major improvement in Town Court, what would it be and how would you accomplish it?

Campaign Phone (585) 227-5717
Profession Town Justice
In appropriate cases I have utilized a creative approach for twenty-five years as a Town Justice.
As a member of the C.A.P. Committee (Centralized Arraignment Pact) I am involved in sub-meeting a governors mandated plan that best serves all the Town and Village Community in Monroe County for the handling off hour arraignment at one centralized location as approved to arraignments being held in each Village and Town Court. This is a dramatic departure from the governmental current system. The purpose of this is to better ensure that every defendant in Monroe County's Town and Village Court has attorney representation at every significant step in the Criminal Justice System.
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Campaign Phone (585) 732-4139
Profession Attorney - Chief Juvenile Prosecutor
My goal in the courtroom will be to always help people find justice. This will be my top priority once elected. Justice includes punishing those that have decided to commit crime and require punishment; and also giving someone a second chance. These second chances will require creative approaches. I will look to force someone to receive the support and treatment they may require.
I am running for Town Justice because I believe that I have more to give our community. I have the background and commitment to be a judge. The one major achievement I would look to bring to Greece Town Court is to bring the integrity, fairness and respect that the court deserves. I would be non-partial and fair at all times. I will give all lawyers and their clients serious consideration in all cases before me. All parties will be treated with respect and I will work hard to give due consideration in all cases. I have over 24 years' experience that has been developed by actually trying cases at all levels of New York State courts. I will use that experience along with my everyday values to accomplish my goal of making the Greece Town Court better.
Campaign Phone (585) 232-2410
Profession Attorney
I am in favor of creative approaches to sentencing. I am a strong supporter of specialty courts such as drug court or mental health court. Unfortunately, many of the enabling statutes for such courts apply only to superior courts. However, I do believe that many of the same principles can still be applied in jurisdictions like Greece. Particularly when working with young offenders or those without extensive records, I will often work to get a plea up front, then hold off on sentencing while requiring individuals to regularly report in with me and enroll in a local treatment program. I have seen excellent outcomes where this arrangement led to individuals getting exactly the professional help they needed and turning their lives around. This not only changes their lives, but helps prevent recidivism, sparing future potential victims and our society from the impact of their behavior. It also helps spare our society from the incredible costs of incarceration.
I have recently been studying the Town of Amherst, near Buffalo, and its creation of a formal drug court. Like Greece, Amherst is a large suburb located directly adjacent to a city. If reelected, I would like to further study Amherst’s drug court and work towards the implementation of something similar in the Town of Greece. I would want to develop partnerships with outside treatment agencies and get commitments from them to help the court with staff and funding. Through such a partnership, we could avoid stressing Greece taxpayers further but still help improve outcomes for those appearing in court. This arrangement would also help these treatment providers reach individuals who might be less likely to reach out for help without a push from the court. I am convinced that programs such as this are a critical way in which town justice courts can contribute in the fight against the opioid epidemic devastating our community.
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