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  • James R. Vogel (Dem, Ind)

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    Robin R. Wilt (Dem, WF, Ind, WE) Realtor

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If you could achieve one major improvement for our town, what would it be and how would you accomplish it?

How would you balance the promotion of development in our town with protection of the environment?

What are your views on housing issues such as affordable housing, code enforcement, and zoning?

What, if any, shared services do we have with other towns (or villages) and what other shared services would you pursue?

Beyond measures already in place, what can be done in our town to meet the challenges of climate change?

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Campaign Phone (585) 270-1132
Profession Real Estate Broker
In Brighton, while we are fortunate to have ample park space and a thriving public market, we lack a dedicated community center venue for recreation and shared community services. I would actively pursue partnerships to help bring such an amenity to fruition in Brighton.
Environmental sustainability is a core tenet in Brighton and in my own political philosophy. I believe development and economic growth to be compatible with sustainability and environmental protection.

I was an early proponent for Brighton's adoption of Community Choice Aggregation, which would enable homeowners to pool their resources in procuring energy and opt into renewable sources of electricity.

I plan to partner with Brighton's Sustainability Oversight Committee that advises the Town Board on public and private matters that affect the environment. Moreover, incentive zoning projects provide an avenue to motivate private developers to incorporate sustainability considerations into their proposals.
I fully support passing an ordinance prohibiting source of income discrimination in the Town of Brighton.

Through incentive zoning projects, I would pursue commitments from developers to incorporate affordable housing into their proposals.

The last comprehensive overhaul of Brighton's zoning regulations was completed in 1993. Although some modifications have been enacted as required by law and to support sustainability efforts, such as providing for homeowners to install solar energy systems in 2015, it may be time to holistically reexamine the zoning regulations with a contemporary emphasis on affordable housing and environmental protection.
The Town of Brighton partners with the Town of Pittsford and the City of Rochester on road maintenance. Additionally, Brighton partners with the four neighboring school districts who serve its residents in addition to the Brighton Central School District: Pittsford, Penfield, Henrietta, and Wheatland-Chili.
The calamitous effects of excessive rainfall have figured prominently in the news elsewhere in the country, so Brighton is proud to have garnered Green Infrastructure Grant Program funding to improve stormwater drainage along its Monroe Avenue corridor.

In addition, I was an early proponent for Brighton's adoption of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). In Westchester County, home of New York State's first CCA program, 14 of the 20 participating municipalities chose to start all of their eligible customers in the Green Option, providing 100% of electricity from renewable sources. This encouraging precedent illustrates that empowering homeowners to collectively procure energy services not only decreases costs, but can increase adoption of renewable energy to mitigate the root cause of climate change. logo


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