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Virginia House District 45

The Virginia House of Delegates is one of two parts in the Virginia General Assembly, the other being the Senate of Virginia. The House is presided over by the Speaker of theHouse, who is elected from among the House membership by the Delegates. It has 100 members elected for terms of two years; unlike most states, these elections take place during odd-numbered years. The annual salary for delegates is $17,640 per year.
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    Mark H. Levine (Dem) Talk Host and Pundit

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What changes in Virginia's method of drawing electoral district lines (redistricting) would you support? (500 characters)

How would you ensure voting access for all qualified Virginians? (400 Characters)

What options would you propose to increase highway and public transportation funding? (500 characters)

What are your legislative priorities? (400 characters)

Biography Mark Levine, citizen activist, legislative counsel to Congressman Barney Frank, and radio/TV talk host and pundit, has a record of advocating for and crafting progressive legislation at the local, state, and federal levels from the 1990’s to today.
Campaign Phone (215) 206-7290
Twitter @delegatemark
Voters should choose their representatives. Not the other way around. So I support having an independent commission draw lines so as not to favor any party. Individual districts should, to the greatest extent possible, proportionately represent voters’ views throughout Virginia and allow all significant communities of interest a proportional chance to participate, in compliance with the Voting Rights Act. Wherever possible, districts should be compact and respect jurisdictional lines.
I support automatic and same-day voter registration, election work holidays, long voting periods, and no-excuse absentee and early voting. We should repeal Virginia’s photo ID law, which disenfranchises thousands while doing nothing to prevent fraud. And we should restore voting rights to former criminals who have completed their sentences. Tamper-proof paper ballots are the gold standard.
I have repeatedly offered legislation to institute a gas-price floor on the regional gas tax collection that funds transportation infrastructure projects in Northern Virginia. I support a dedicated source of revenue for Metro, so that it can adequately serve the needs of a rapidly growing region. I also encourage promotion of bicycling and other non-traditional and non-polluting ways to get from place to place.
My priorities include protecting survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence; expanding Medicaid; raising the minimum wage; establishing paid family medical leave; protecting the environment; reforming criminal justice; guaranteeing the right to vote and a child’s access to preschool; and reducing the easy availability of guns and other dangerous weapons to people with a history of violence. logo


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