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Virginia House District 42

The Virginia House of Delegates is one of two parts in the Virginia General Assembly, the other being the Senate of Virginia. The House is presided over by the Speaker of theHouse, who is elected from among the House membership by the Delegates. It has 100 members elected for terms of two years; unlike most states, these elections take place during odd-numbered years. The annual salary for delegates is $17,640 per year.
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    Lolita I. Mancheno-Smoak (Rep) Associate Faculty

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    Kathy K. L. Tran (Dem) Workforce policy expert

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What changes in Virginia's method of drawing electoral district lines (redistricting) would you support? (500 characters)

How would you ensure voting access for all qualified Virginians? (400 Characters)

What options would you propose to increase highway and public transportation funding? (500 characters)

What are your legislative priorities? (400 characters)

Biography Born Ecuador - South America. Grew up in NYC. South County resident 19 years. Small family business owner. Experienced private, federal and non-profit sector executive. BS/MS engineering, PhD Business Administration. Married with adult step children.
Campaign Phone (571) 292-4942
Twitter @LolitaAtLarge
I would support a non-partisan independent redistricting commission that focuses on how best to partition districts under equitable and objective criteria agreed by all stakeholders. This will best represent the citizens of specific geographical boundaries.

The criteria for setting boundaries needs to formulate initiatives using state of the art non-linear programming techniques similar to what is used by the US Census Bureau to identify population blocks.
Technological advances may hopefully allow us to not need to travel to polls to cast our vote. However, with the proliferation of hacking episodes, we must be very careful - and secure – in reaching this goal. But the goal we must reach! Democracy can thrive only when people participate.
Continue to leverage public-private partnerships such as denoted in the Public –Private Transportation Act. This Act’s principles of engaging the private sector to invest in innovative projects can address the transportation needs of the Commonwealth – especially those of Northern Virginia. Expanding the support infrastructure for economic growth is important for all and becomes a shared accountability among tax paying citizens, commercial entities and investors.

Greater % return to NoVA of individual & business tax contributions - we receive about 20 cents in returned services on tax dollar sent to Richmond. Increase Commonwealth tax funding to in-classroom resources for teachers in FCPS system. Objective criteria in VA Code for secondary road rehabilitation and reconstruction. Increase incentives for external businesses to move to VA. Protect VA citizens from accident liabilities by issuing Special Driver licenses for insured undocumented residents.
Biography I'm running to fight for the values that brought my family here. I have devoted my career to helping working families and veterans achieve the American Dream, and will fight for our public schools, access to healthcare, and equal pay for equal work.
Twitter @KathyKLTran
I will push for an independent and impartial commission to draw political district lines in Virginia, even if fair redistricting threatens my own party's seats. We should be working harder to recruit and train strong, progressive candidates that reflect their communities and who can win truly competitive races.
I will work to bring no-excuse early and absentee voting and same-day voter registration to Virginia, and will push to repeal discriminatory voter ID laws. I also fully support restoring the voting rights of ex-offenders who have served their time. Further, I will advocate for additional federal funding for localities to update obsolete voting equipment. Particularly in lower-income areas, lack of funding to replace old voting equipment is a frequent cause of long lines on Election Day.
Northern Virginia continues to face a traffic crisis that slows economic development and harms our quality of life. I will push for dedicated, long-term, and reliable transportation funding sources to support Metro and other public transit options, and to help keep infrastructure projects on-time and on-budget. We also need to work together as a region to continue to position ourselves for future federal investments.
At the US Department of Labor, I coordinated policies that helped veterans get the job skill training and employment help they needed to find work and return to civilian life, and I will continue to stand up for our veterans and military spouses in Richmond. I will fight for equal pay for equal work and for paid medical and family leave to help working families, and as president of my local PTA, I will push for our public schools to receive the funding they need. logo


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