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Seattle School District No. 1 Director District No. 7

The Seattle School Board's responsibilities include: hiring and evaluating the Superintendent; establishing policies for governing the school district; adopting a balanced budget each year; having legal and fiduciary authority for the school district; adopting instructional materials; and, serving as community representatives to the district and on behalf of the district. District Seven consists of South Beacon Hill to Rainer Beach.
  • Chelsea Byers (NP)

  • Betty Patu (NP) Seattle School Board Director, District 7

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What are the three most urgent issues facing your district?

How would you propose your district address the one you consider the most urgent?

What is your position on Charter Schools as a part of your public school system?

What is your position on testing of your students?

What is your opinion on "start times" for elementary and secondary school?

How can the on-time graduation rate be improved?

How should bullying be addressed?

What would be your plan to see that your school district students earn their civics credit required by the new state law?

What is your opinion of student suspension for classroom disruption?

What can your district do to address cultural sensitivity, social justice, and racial equity throughout the district's overall culture, and student curriculum?

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Phone (206) 805-9668 or (425) 891-6705
Town where you live Seattle District 7
Experience (300 characters max) I've served as School Board Director for 8 years and worked in the trenches, partnering with staff, parents, communities to achieve positive significant changes that led to increased test scores, lowered truancy and increased graduation rates. Our work is not done and I need your support to continue
The three most urgent issues facing our District are inequities in dispersement of funds and resources for quality education for our students that affect 1) Enrollment through Boundaries/Waitlists that in turn interrupts with staff stability and quality of instruction; 2) Maintaining funding of Quality/Rigorous Academic Programs/School Improvement and 3) An Inclusive and Transparent process that invite all parents and community involvement around the education of our children.
Do the RIGHT THING! The Central Office Leaders know what the issues and resolutions are to producing equitable education for all our students. It's time that we keep them to this promise, which is our mission! I believe are current Board Directors are on the same page! We must keep ourselves and others we govern accountable to the people we serve through respect and integrity!
I don't believe we should divide funding to a current struggling public institution. It is inequitable. However, I am open to innovation through collaboration but very alert and against political takeovers. It's about our children not hidden personal interests and agendas!
We definitely need to measure the quality of learning for our students as it is necessary. The concern we run into are how much testing students should endure and if the evaluation process is utilized to enhance strategies that are working to produce scholars and/or address, propose resolutions to those that aren't. This also helps us to evaluate and address teacher strengths and weaknesses as we use this for improvement through an equitable process not for placing fear in them but encouraging their gifts and passions to teach our children.
The start time opinions differ for all Districts. The consensus of my District is what is important to me. I am a conduit to voicing their concerns, resolutions and ideas. However, the overall goal is to ensure that all students' physical, mental and spiritual being are in-tact and ready for positive learning and interaction with their peers.
Graduation rates have improved and its strategies proven at one of my most challenging high schools, Rainier Beach High School. I am proud to say that my daughter was a part of the team responsible for the success of increase in graduation rates. In 2011, RBHS was at a 56% graduation rate that increased to 82% in 2016. The key to these results were earning the respect of students who were very difficult to reach by building trusting relationships that encourage, keep accountable, and persevere with until that child crosses over. It takes a special skill/gift to achieve this! Innovation is key as this team piloted and implemented the Senior PODS program to address peer relationships, mentoring, and teaching resilience despite personal circumstances in order for them to even begin focusing on school work or attending regularly. My other high schools have significantly increased grad rates as well. It takes supportive Leaders and staff to accomplish this task through hard Team work.
Zero Tolerance. Again, it is important for peers and staff to build trusting relationships with each other. A child needs to feel a part of a community that is supportive of one another and would stand for what is right when wrong is present. Policies need to be vetted and supportive to sensitive issues like bullying. Resources need to be readily available in all schools and staff should be trained to address the socio-emotional needs of a child. In addition, we need to stop influencing fear and implementing courage to fight together against barriers that affect our children's lives.
Civics should be implemented in specific courses such as Social Studies, IB Curriculum, etc. and require life application skills of civic duty through community service hours and/or with school PTSA. These are some thoughts as I was raised with a civic obligation to my community. It was passed down through our family generation.
I don't believe in student suspensions for classroom disruption because it l has resulted in disproportionality for students of color. It is important to have a rehabilitation program in place that includes the parents, staff support, teacher, resources and consequences. As the student is making progress with behavioral change, academic progress should align. It is important to keep School suspensions down through proper vetting of the offense as well as the consequence. In addition, it is important to monitor classroom management of teachers through relationship building with students and parents. It would help eliminate inequitable practices and keep parents and students involved and accountable to academic progress.
Our District is currently working on implementation of Ethnic Studies, which was long overdue. We have currently approved and implemented policies to ensure racial equality and will continue our partnership with parents, students, and communities for ideas and resolutions for keeping that equality for all. It is equally important to keep the Central Office staff and Superintendent's Cabinet responsible to carry out these ideas as they create programs, budgets, and necessary changes to help establish this goal. After this process, it is vital that we work together as the BOARD to vet information related to agenda items before approving. logo


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