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City of Kirkland Council Position No. 7

Term: 4 years The city council sets the general policies of the city, which are implemented by the city manager and staff. One of council's main duties is the adoption of policies and the enactment of the city's annual budget. City council sets fiscal policies and approves all spending , whether for operations or capital items or public facility maintenance and improvements. The council also sets salaries for city employees.
  • Uzma Butte (NP) Educator and Owner of Montessori school

  • Jon Pascal (NP)

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Biographical Information

What are the issues surrounding your city/town's infrastucture?

How do you think your city/town could best respond to homelessness?

What is your commitment to senior citizens?

How do you think your city/town should approach legal and illegal immigration issues?

What are other major issues facing your city or town?

Of those listed above, which one is the most urgent?

What methods will you use to work with the mayor (if you have an elected mayor) or the city manager or administrator(if you have an chief administrator hired by the council)?

Phone (425) 822-7575
Town where you live Kirkland WA
Experience (300 characters max) I am a teacher and owner of a Montessori pre-school, and a PTSA mom at the public schools. I’m a trustee on the board at the Eastshore Unitarian Universalists, where I work on issues of racial and social injustice. As a member of the Rotary club, I help vulnerable families and children in Kirkland.
With so much urban growth, we need to make sure we have environmentally sustainable growth. Kirkland needs to be more proactive in this area. We need to find ways that reduce traffic congestion and encourage people to to use alternatives to driving cars to get around. We need to connect and widen some arterial streets, which skirt the main streets that go through the busy hubs of the city, such as downtown Kirkland and Houghton to reduce congestion. In Kirkland 30% of arterial roads do not have sidewalks, so people have to drive to shop or run errands. We need to build 10 minute neighborhoods so people can walk to grocery stores, cafes, retail outlets etc in less than 10 minutes.
Kirkland definitely needs to work with King County, Eastside cities, governmental agencies, non-profits and faith communities to come up with solutions to house the homeless. We also need to work on providing more affordable housing units, because our our low to middle-income households are often just a few paychecks or a severe medical emergency away from being homeless.
Our senior citizens are a vulnerable group, since most are retired and often facing medical issues. Again we need to work with King County, governmental agencies, non-profits and faith communities to come up with solutions such housing, services, meals etc.
When a person is a legal immigrant then they have the same rights and responsibilities as any citizen of the US. As far as illegal migration is concerned, federal government needs to get them documented so that they can participate in the economy, and contribute the way they would like to.
70% of people who work in Kirkland cannot afford to live here because of high rental and home prices. High home prices are causing property taxes to go up, forcing our seniors to move to more affordable areas miles away. This is a hardship for them, because they are now living in places unfamiliar to them, and are facing a situation where they have to be without the social network that they had created. We do have overcrowded schools, so the city has to work with the school districts with finding ways to come up with solutions. We have residents who are concerned about the rapid urbanization of some of our neighborhoods.
The top 2 are inter-related, and result from the same cause.
Kirkland has a council made up of 7 members including the mayors. There are regular meetings where the residents get to bring up concerns, and then the council members may vote then on which direction to go, or consult with their staff and city manager as to how to go about resolving the situation. The system seems to be already set-up. Having said that, the job of a city council member is to listen, and then work with others to prioritize and resolve issues. I think it is the listening part that I would focus on. Attending more neighborhood meetings to get a pulse on what's going on in the city and doing independent research as to how other cities deals with the issues facing their residents would certainly help.
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