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City of Kenmore Council Position No. 6

Term: 4 yearsSalary: $7,800The City Council is the legislative branch of the city government and serves as the policymaking body. The Council is empowered with the authority to enact ordinances and policies and adopt regulations on rates and fees for services provided to the citizens.
  • Carol Baker (NP)

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    Debra Srebnik (NP) : Program Manager, King County Department of Community and Human Services

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Phone (206) 853-2607
Town where you live Kenmore
Experience (300 characters max) I have served Kenmore as a former Kenmore Planning Commissioner (and vice chair), co-chair of the successful Walkways & Waterways bond measure, founding member of the Kenmore Waterfront Activities Center, and co-creator of Kenmore's Waterfront Fair and Summer Block Party.
Roadway safety and traffic are key infrastructure issues. Kenmore’s “Target Zero” initiative works with neighborhoods to develop low-cost roadway safety solutions. I also co-led our Walkways & Waterways bond measure that will bring sidewalks and bike lanes to the busiest arterials, but more work is needed to ensure pedestrian and bicycle safety. Traffic in Kenmore is impacted by regional issues such as tolling. Our City Council must stay involved on regional transportation boards.
Kenmore is a long-time member of A Regional Coalition for Housing (ARCH) that helps cities assure sufficient affordable housing, which reduces the likelihood that people will become homeless. Recently, Kenmore has welcomed Mary’s Place shelter to the City. I will work to increase shelter, transitional housing and rapid re-housing options in Kenmore, and work with developers, ARCH, and the King County Housing Authority to increase the stock of affordable units.
I would like to see the City take a more active role in creating and promoting events and activities that are attractive to seniors to help build community. For example, the City could promote its senior center (located at one of our parks), the Arts of Kenmore, the Community Club, and the Heritage Society events. I also believe that one of the key ways to ensure senior citizens flourish in our City is to assure that housing stays affordable.
Kenmore has recently established policies to be a “welcoming city”. The City will safeguard inclusion and integration of immigrants and newcomers of all types. Messaging in City media will be consistent with these values. I will also work to ensure that local law enforcement protects public safety while maintaining a positive relationship with immigrant communities. Our City’s motto -- “courtesy is contagious” – should be experienced by all residents.
In addition to roadway safety, improved connection to the waterfront is a key issue that I will continue to support. An even more notable issue facing the City Council is managing growth. I support focusing most growth within our transportation corridor, maintaining the character of single-family neighborhoods as infill development occurs, and ensuring that larger developments include the retail, restaurants, services and public waterfront access that residents desire.
The most critical near-term decisions for the City Council will be about the proposed Lakepointe development that will take over the largest remaining undeveloped parcel on Lake Washington with 2000 units (20% of Kenmore’s housing stock), retail, restaurants and public waterfront access. Lakepointe has the potential to transform Kenmore, but it will be important to minimize traffic impacts and ensure that all residents can experience the benefits and amenities from this development.
Our city manager is a highly valued employee, vision-leader, and resident. I have worked closely with the city manager and staff as I and a few other citizens developed the Waterfront Activities Center and I co-led the ‘yes’ campaign for the Walkways & Waterways bond measure. I look forward to continuing this strong relationship with the city manager and staff through the current structure of weekly full Council meetings and additional weekly 1:1 or small group meetings. logo


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