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Bay Village City Council, at large

Term: 4 yearsSalary: $8,807 (2018)William G. Selong is challenging incumbent Nancy W. Stainbrook for this seat.
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    William G. Selong Candidate at-large, Bay Village City Council

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    Nancy W. Stainbrook Member, Bay Village City Council

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What new ideas would you bring to the job that would be of value to the entire city?

Bay Village has a new Master Plan. What priorities would you work to implement first?

What current issues facing the city do you feel require the most attention?

When and where is it appropriate to use public dollars to support private business ventures in the community?

Are you in favor of diversifying the housing stock in the city, and what ideas do you have to implement this?

What is your vision of what Bay Village will be like in ten years?

Age 66
Education Miami University BS 1975, Procter and Gamble sales manager for 37 years (retired 2012), Bay Village Board of Education 16 years (2000-2015), and recently served on the Bay Village Master Plan Steering committee.
Qualifications for office My wife Sally and I have been residents for 32 years. We raised four children in Bay Village, attending Bay schools for their entire K-12 education.
Campaign Phone (440) 871-8639
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I would propose city council create a citizens advisory group, similar to the school board’s Citizens Advisory Committee, to provide information and recommendations regarding an important potential topic or project. This group would independently choose the topic or project. Renewed interest in the city’s direction, coupled with the new Master Plan, has energized many residents to desire a direct formal involvement in our city government. A diverse group of council appointed residents would be a valued link for communication and information beyond the existing boards and various meetings in my opinion.

The first priority should be thorough review, approval and monitoring of four major projects currently in the planning stages included in the new Master Plan. These four projects include, a new library, renovation of the Knickerbocker, renovation of the Community House, and the redevelopment of the vacant, former Shell property. Council and the administration must work together to assure these projects all are implemented in a quality manner and meet all expectations. Concurrently, initial steps need to be taken to address ongoing Master Plan components including the development of improved residential building guidelines and the upgrade of aging infrastructure.
First, there are portions of the city where sewers and drainage issues need immediate attention. These issues affect those with current problems and impact home values for all residents. A more robust remediation plan is needed across the city.

Second, the current residential new construction review and building inspection processes have revealed gaps between current codes, actual execution and what residents believe to be best for their established neighborhoods. Initial good ideas discussed include creation of a residential architectural review board and a new city employed building director. More work will be needed to empower and improve the processes.
I would favor support of private business applications for grants, loans or any other outside public funding sources. This type of funding often brings Bay residents’ federal, state and county tax dollars back for investments in our city.

I would not favor public support in the form of property tax abatement unless the school district was held harmless and city income tax revenue would be projected to increase effectively offsetting the investment. Incentivizing private development has long range risk and implications for future development. Property tax abatement may be effective in some places, but not best for Bay Village.
Numerous resident surveys indicate demand for increased diversity of housing. The focus becomes where and what form. There are few, if any, ideal locations where any type of multi-unit / low owner maintenance housing would not require zoning changes and building variances. I favor narrowing potential locations and working with current property owners to facilitate private development. A key location criteria would be under-developed existing commercial properties. Any potential locations should have a very limited impact on existing single family home neighborhoods. Current areas which may fit this criteria would be around Dover Junction and near the Clague Road bridge.
I envision a renewed city leadership, moving cooperatively forward with focus on both current and longer term opportunities in a proactive manner.

Overall, I support the visions included in the new Master Plan. I do not support each recommended action. The city’s ability to remain financially stable will ultimately determine whether many of these ideas can or will be implemented

Bay Village should continue to be a community of caring responsible residents, single family homes, strong schools, community churches and beautiful parks. City government will play an active role in the continued protection and further development of these valuable assets.

Age 56
Current occupation I’m a Senior Human Resources Consultant with expertise in organizational development, training, and operations.
Qualifications for office I’m the current At-Large Councilwoman, unanimously appointed in February 2017. My previous Council experience includes serving as Ward 3 Councilwoman from 2002-2005.My Council and professional background have proven valuable in recent legislative and project initiatives including; staff hiring, compensation reviews, and infrastructure improvements.
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I support the development of comprehensive continuous improvement plans for our streets, sewers, public buildings, historic landmarks, and recreational areas. This includes proactive plans that provide consistent, long-term resources to enhance and maintain our aging infrastructure. Additionally, I support the development of a variety of housing options to meet the needs of a broad population. Providing alternatives for young professionals, families, empty nesters, and retirees, allows us to compete effectively with other communities. Lastly, I’m in favor of developing a residential Architectural Review Board to improve our building review process in order to maintain the character of our neighborhoods.
The new Master Plan has seven community visions. They include; Keeping a Commitment to Place, Dedication to Parks, Recreation, and Lake Erie, Diversifying Housing Options, Establishing a Pedestrian and Bicycle-Friendly Community, Creating a more Vibrant Village Center, Maintaining and Greening City Infrastructure, and Building Community. I would like to focus first on maintaining and improving access and connectivity to our parks, arts, commercial districts, and city service areas. This can be achieved by using the Master Plan’s development ideas in conjunction with the County’s new Bay Village Connectivity Study. The Connectivity Study also provides funding strategies that are promising.
Current issues facing Bay Village include; our aging infrastructure, economic re-development, and updates to our building and maintenance codes. I support developing a long-term strategic plan to manage our aging infrastructure including roads, storm and sanitary sewers, and public buildings. This plan would be proactive, providing continuous process improvement ideas along with consistent and sustainable funding strategies. Regarding economic re-development, I support adding a position that’s responsible for attracting and retaining businesses to our premier community. In order to maintain the character of our community, I support updating our building and maintenance codes including review board processes and enforcement procedures.
I’m not in favor of using public dollars to support private businesses. I’m always in favor of discussions with businesses, organizations, and economic re-development entities to understand their goals, operations, and interests in our city. As long as there’s valuable and productive communication with an exchange of ideas, there’s potential for opportunity with positive results for our community.

I am in favor of diversifying our housing stock because it’s important to meet the needs of a broad population. By providing alternatives for young professionals, families, empty nesters, and retirees, we have the ability to continue to compete very effectively with other communities. I support creating a position that focuses on city-wide economic re-development identifying resources that would be valuable for commercial, residential, and mixed use projects. This effort in conjunction with establishing residential review board standards will encourage development of our housing stock while maintaining the character of our neighborhoods.
Bay is a wonderful city because of its people and their commitment to each other and to our community. I see the character of Bay Village staying much the same while we work to continuously improve the things that are important to us; our safety, lake and greenspace, city infrastructure, our city center, and schools. City government relies on residents to define our future. As legislators we strive to be reasonable, thorough, thoughtful, efficient, and fiscally responsible. Our work will always have at its core, dedication to our residents and their quality of life with a continuing commitment to excellence. logo


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