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Rocky River City Council, Ward 3

Term: 2 yearsSalary: $12,000Incumbent Michael P. O'Donnell (Rep) is running against Katie Timmons (Dem) in Ward 3.
  • Michael P. O'Donnell (Rep)

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    Katie Timmons (Dem) Candidate, Rocky River City Council

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Age 49
Education I was raised in Rocky River and graduated from Rocky River High School. I graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science. My son, David Timmons, is a Senior at Rocky River High School and is on the varsity football team, track team and has been active in Choir and Stage Crew.
Current occupation I have spent 20 years working in social research at WESTAT, an employee owned company in Rockville, MD, outside our nation's capital. I currently manage a staff of 18 as they collect and process data on a medical expenditure study in the state of Ohio.
Qualifications for office I have strived to spend my working life helping people. I have managed staff in 6 other states as well. Over the years I also worked for Research Triangle Institute, and NORC at the University of Chicago, on financial studies, children's studies, aging studies, among others. Before that I worked for Lutheran Social Services at Faith Mission as a volunteer coordinator, public relations and communications. I worked for Action Ohio to educate Central Ohio organizations about the Cycle of Abuse of battered women, men, as well as the abuse of animals.
Campaign Phone (440) 333-1146
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As I said above, I want to help people. In this case, the citizens of Rocky River Ward 3.

I was moved to run because I had a upsetting and potentially expensive problem with a favored and familiar contractor when they updated the water system on my street Northview Road. It was suggested by a friend to contact my council person. I did. While he did speak to me by phone, he did not come meet me, speak to the contractor on my behalf, or come to see what the contractor and city had done to my yard or sidewalk without my permission. It was very difficult but I solved my problems on my own.

As your Ward 3 Council Person, I will be there for the people of Ward 3. I will come meet you, return your calls, and reach out to those who may be able to help you. I sincerely believe I will be a better, more active council person than my opponent.

1. I want to be your voice and represent all the citizens of Ward 3. Rocky River is a very nice place and I am proud and grateful to be a part of the community. But sometimes we have problems. The Mayor and her staff are the executive branch Rocky River government. The Council is the congress. We make decisions about how your money is spent and what the priorities are. As the Council Person of Ward 3 and when you have a problem or a need, I will stand with you as we talk to and work with the mayor and city staff. 2. I want to bring a woman's voice to council. We do see issues from a different perspective than men. We need diversity on council. 3. The environment of Rocky River is a key concern of mine. I want to make sure we are planting more trees than we remove. I want recycling to be as efficient, easy and successful as it can be. I would like to see rain barrels become more popular in our community. I would like to see additional recycling containers at public events and concerts. Finally, I would like to explore using even more volunteers and volunteer groups help keep our green spaces healthy. 4. Smart redevelopment in Ward 3 and throughout Rocky River. Land is precious here. Let's be smart and creative in attracting business to Rocky River. Could we try Pop-up business? Could we have a meeting area available for those residents that work from home that they can use for conferences or group meetings? Can we get students of Rocky River High School involved?
The worlds of work, home life, health care and retirement are changing. I want all residents of Ward 3 to feel like the city government is there to help them and make them feel safe. We could mentor young people. Reach out to single parents. Support our Seniors. Make Rocky River even better. logo


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