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County of Thurston Treasurer

Term: 1 yr unexpiredSalary: $115,512The Treasurer provides independence in managing public monies as well as a check and balance between the Clerk, Assessor, Auditor and Commissioners. Responsibilities include overseeing the department employees performing the following: Collecting real and personal property taxes and collecting delinquent accounts; Accounting for all funds and deposits of revenues for the state, county, cities and junior taxing districts (schools, ports, cemeteries, fire, drainage, etc,); Determining adequate liquidity in funds and authorizing the release of warrants for payments to vendors; Administering short- and long-term debt financing; Managing the cash flow of the County and investing funds not needed for immediate expenditures for the County and junior taxing districts; Coordinating banking services and facilitating financial planning for the County and various taxing districts.
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    Jeff Gadman (Dem) County Treasurer

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Address Same as above
Phone (360) 628-6876
Party Preference Democrat
Town where you live Lacey, WA
Experience (300 characters max) I have dedicated my life to public service, having served in the Thurston County Assessor’s Office for over 30 years, serving as a Lacey City Councilmember 2011-2017. I was appointed County Treasurer by a unanimous vote of the County Commissioners. I have an understanding of safeguarding tax dollars
Continue to provide excellent customer services for the citizens of Thurston County with a growing population that puts pressure on existing resources.

Continue to provide excellent return on public investments in an ever changing investment climate.

This year, for the first time ever, the Treasurer's office sent reminder notices to people that missed their first half tax payments. By sending these notices in May, it helped people avoid a penalty that is imposed by law on June 1. The positive public feedback for these notices has been tremendous. Also, I am in the process of selecting a vendor that will provide electronically produced tax bills for those taxpayers that choose to receive their tax bill in this manner. This will save all taxpayers money by eliminating postage and printing costs. Additionally, it will give the Treasurer's Office the ability to instantly communicate with taxpayers who choose this option, again saving staff time, printing, and postage costs.

By continuously watching financial markets and reports, my staff is able to make investment decisions that maximize return on investment, reducing the amount that taxing districts need to ask their constituents for.
I have dedicated my entire life to public service, served over 30 years with Thurston County as well as 6 years on the Lacey City Council. As the cash and investment manager for Thurston County, I realize it is imperative for you to have confidence the Treasurer’s Office is safeguarding the money you work hard for and you ultimately have to pay in property taxes to support the essential services you enjoy and expect on a daily basis. Having inherited a high functioning office, I am able to focus my leadership skills to continue successfully providing banking and investment management services for the county. I am committed to ensuring I and my staff will serve you with dignity, respect, and unbridled professionalism. "I trust that Gadman will lead the treasurer’s office with a focus on serving the taxpayers and taxing districts while protecting your tax dollars." Shawn Myers, former Thurston County Treasurer logo


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