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Mason City of Shelton Commissioner of Streets and Public Improvement

Term: 4 yearSalary: $15,600
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    Kevin Dorcy (NP) Construction Maintenance Supervisor (Ret.) / Small Business Owner

  • Tracy Moore (NP)

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Phone (360) 402-8599
Town where you live Shelton, WAshington
Experience (300 characters max) Owner / Operator, Kevin Dorcy Construction (General Contracting, Floor Covering, Finish) * Owner / Operator, Urraco Coffee Company (Wholesale and Retail Coffee Sales) * Construction Maintenance Project Supervisor, Washington Correction Center
As a life-long resident of the city and as a small business owner in downtown Shelton, I care about the future of the City of Shelton and I became frustrated watching poor decisions that resulted in massive debt to the taxpayers while our city roads and streets remain substandard. I decided that it was time to step up and serve my community with the goal of restoring fiscal responsibility to city spending and to prioritize making Shelton a vibrant, thriving community for people to live and for businesses to grow.
One major issue is public debt. The City of Shelton is currently suffering from massive debt as a result of questionable decisions made in the past without a clear plan for the future. Another major issue, related to the first, is the marked increase in sewer and water rates directly related to debt service mentioned above and the lack of new City rate-payers. And finally, the condition of our roads and streets in Shelton is abysmal and in dire need of improvement.
There are many issues facing the City of Shelton, including the three discussed above, and it is difficult to identify the most urgent because many of the issues are interconnected. We need to stabilize city utility rates and seek creative ways to grow the residential population of Shelton and to support the establishment and growth of small businesses here. By increasing the residential population, and therefore the population paying city sales taxes and paying city utility rates, and by encouraging the success of small businesses within the city, we can begin to reduce the massive debt facing the taxpayers in Shelton and responsibly improve the condition of our City streets and roads.
The condition of a city's streets says a lot to visitors, as well as potential new residents and businesses. Unfortunately, too many of our streets, many of which serve local businesses and essential government services, are failing. The City of Shelton needs a responsible plan to systematically repair, resurface, and upgrade many of our downtown, uptown, and residential streets.
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