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Term: 4 yearsSalary: $12,276The City Council is the legislative body for the City. The Council adopts local laws (ordinances) to secure the safety and assist the well-being of the city residents, the city's physical environment and amenities, and the city economy. The Council is responsible for approving financial expenditures and adopting the city budget as well as establishing policies and regulations in order to guide the city's future. The elected mayor serves as chief administrative officer for the city
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    Adam C. Brockus (NP) Civil Engineer

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    Kevin Gorman (NP) Capital Projects Coordinator

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How will you work as a team member to move Bremerton forward during your two year term?

How will you work with whomever is elected Mayor?

What ideas do you have to help Bremerton weather the changes happening due to high housing costs?

Phone (360) 479-2466
Town where you live Bremerton
Experience (300 characters max) City Councilman 2006-2013, US Army Veteran, 8 years working for the Navy, Ferry Community Partnership, Civil Service Commission, Transportation Benefit District Board, Vice-President Manette Business Association, Chief Steward Machinists Local 282, and Boardmember - Manette Neighborhood Coalition
If elected, I will gather coalitions within the City Council on programs to enhance Bremerton such as affordable housing, improved infrastructure, increased transit opportunities, and better health care. I have worked with 5 of the current members on the council and know all of them as well as the Mayor and all directors in the City Administrations. I know how to get things done. Proper use of the Council Rules and Procedures will help to change the current atmosphere of the City Council to become more proactive into passing budgets and ordinances that will respect the working taxpayers, their children, and their grandchildren in Bremerton.
I know all three candidates for Mayor and each have their own individual style. Mayor Bozeman had a style of working hard to get projects accomplished and empowering neighborhoods, and he was mostly successful in getting things done. I will meet with him frequently and do my homework to suggest and implement plans. Mayor Lent has a style of building coalitions with state officials and businesses and I will facilitate and attend meetings to keep things moving toward the cities best interests. City Councilman Wheeler will need some training on Lobbying Legislators and finding funding for projects and I will help him with getting those connections made so they can be advanced. I will also help him with new ordinances that will help small businesses prosper, and enable working families to live better in Bremerton.
Follow what other cities have passed around the country: that for large condos and apartment buildings, a percentage of the units must be affordable. This city was built on working men and women who came to their Nation's need when we were attacked in 1941, followed by their sons, daughters, and grandchildren in the 76 years that followed. Shipyard workers need to be treated with dignity and respect in their hometown, and part of that is being able to afford a home near your work. I know employees in Seattle who used to live in Interbay and Capitol Hill whose rents were raised so high that they had to move out to Mukilteo and Federal Way and now their commutes were tripled. Bremerton workers should be able to live in Bremerton. I will push to implement the state Growth Management Act as intended and pass ordinances and other measures to grow Bremerton wisely and avoid the problems seen by Bainbridge Island.
Phone (360) 516-9299
Experience (300 characters max) U.S. Coast Guard Veteran. My positions with the City of Seattle in emergency management and property development include Operations Response Center Operator, Management Systems Analyst, Senior Civil Engineering Specialist and Assistant Capital Projects Coordinator.
I will encourage mutual respect and appreciation of each member's diverse experiences that they bring to the table.

As your only truly non-partisan candidate, I will use my position to represent us all and move Bremerton forward. I’m ready to relieve congestion and parking, budget for street and sidewalk maintenance, construct a plan for affordable housing, and maintain effective police and fire protection. I am committed to improving our quality of life and will encourage healthy and attractive neighborhoods.

My education in small business and psychology, paired with my diverse municipal experience, will complement the other talented individuals serving our city. I will bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to the Bremerton City Council.
I will ask forward-thinking questions to fully understand the vision of our new Mayor and ensure that it fits the needs of District 3 and all of Bremerton. I want to join a City Council that innovates and partners with our Mayor. This is how we will efficiently complete projects that improve our quality of life and create a vibrant and affordable city. I will lead by example and demonstrate the change I want to see.
We must lean on the experts, deeply explore the problem, enact diversified solutions, and monitor our success. I will encourage a partnership between the City of Bremerton, Bremerton Housing Authority, and Kitsap Housing Authority to form a strategic plan. logo


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