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Benton County Treasurer

Salary: $106,178Term: 1 year unexpiredThe Treasurer provides independence in managing public monies as well as a check and balance between the Clerk, Assessor, Auditor and Commissioners. Responsibilities include overseeing the department employees performing the following: Collecting real and personal property taxes and collecting delinquent accounts; Accounting for all funds and deposits of revenues for the state, county, cities and junior taxing districts (schools, ports, cemeteries, fire, drainage, etc,); Determining adequate liquidity in funds and authorizing the release of warrants for payments to vendors; Administering short- and long-term debt financing; Managing the cash flow of the County and investing funds not needed for immediate expenditures for the County and junior taxing districts; Coordinating banking services and facilitating financial planning for the County and various taxing districts.
  • Ken Spencer (Rep) Treasurer

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What are the two most pressing issues facing the Treasurer’s Department?

How will you address these two issues?

What qualifies you for this position and why are you the best candidate?

Phone (509) 845-0481
Party Preference GOP
Town where you live Richland
Experience (300 characters max) College professor, Manufacturing company manager/CEO , CFO of a corporation, manager of a federal office, small business owner
1. The conversion to a new software program this has been going on for 6 plus months. We have been working with the developer to make the program do the work that was indicated to be part of the program that at this point is not working. We are working on solving the issues with the developer.

2. Office management. The office was not well managed as the prior treasure has been doing a great job. But in the past year was campaigning to become the next state treasurer. There has been some lack of leadership but with the replacement of the Chief Deputy 4 months ago this has been moving to an office that is able to complete the tasks assigned. There has been some reassignment of the management staff to make the office more efficient.
1. Have begun to work with training the staff managers in how to manage without being micro managers. Assigning the managers responsibilities and working with them to accomplish the tasks assigned.

2. The staff and I are working with software provider to complete the conversion. NO SIMPLE TASK. But with communications with the software provider so that issues can and are identified so that the development team can correct the problems as they arise.
1. Have been a manager of both governmental office as well as a private manufacturing company.

2. Was a college professor in management as well as computers for 20 years

3. Worked as a financial manager

4. Small business owner logo


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