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Town of Mt Pleasant Waterworks

Town of Mt Pleasant Water Works Commissioner
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    Susan I Mellichamp (NP) Retired

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Why do you want to serve as Mount Pleasant Waterworks Commissioner?

What experiences qualify you to serve on the Mount Pleasant Waterworks Commission?

As more and more people move to the region, how should we balance the increased demand on our water/sewer systems, including the need to replace aging infrastructure, without continuously raising rates on residents? For what funding purposes would you favor regular rate increases?

There has been concern about large surface water withdrawals upstate by mega-agricultural business. Do you believe the current water allocation system adequately protects your community’s water needs? Please explain.

How should Mount Pleasant Waterworks handle large volume demand requests on our aquifer from commercial interests that may impact future water needs of its customers?

What can be done to ensure our drinking water safety and quality? How would you address questions, should they arise, about possible contamination or inferior quality of our water supply?

Please describe your understanding of the state of the community’s water/sewer infrastructure and any necessary actions.

Please discuss any changes to the Splash Zone Map that could generate appropriate action to existing sewer or water line issues in Mount Pleasant. How would you commit to addressing those?

Campaign Phone (843) 884-2384
Age 71
Education Graduated from Murray Vocational School, Charleston, SC with a degree in Business.
Experience Administrative Services Manager at MPW, Vice Chair of Commissioners of Public Works MPW, Chair Finance Committee MPW, Chair & Vice Chair Moultrie Constituent School Board, Current Treasurer and Past Moderator of Presbyterian Women for Charleston Atlantic Presbytery, Active Elder and Vice Chair of Personnel and Nominations Committees for MP Presbyterian Church,
Candidate Email
Serving as a Commissioner gives me the opportunity to give back to the community I love and want to serve.
Began working for MPW in 1977 as a secretary, during 25 yrs of employment, promoted to Admin Services Mgr, working in many areas of the Waterworks, learning lots about its operations. I have served as Commissioner for 12 years, I am currently chair of the Finance Comm. and past Secretary-Treasurer. I served as Chair for the Moultrie Constituent School Board for 3 years and Vice Chair for 6 years. I am current Treasurer of Presbyterian Women of Chas Atlantic Presbytery & past Moderator.
In 1981 & 1983 MPW started charging impact fees to customers and new developments for water and wastewater services in order for growth to pay for growth. That has continued through present day and it is the best way to ensure we have the infrastructure to meet the demands of our growing community. Small incremental rate increases are necessary to maintain the aging infrastructure that is often unseen by residents.
No. MPW has 2 sources of water, ground water treated with Reverse Osmosis and surface water from Charleston Water System. The Ground Water Management Plan recently adopted by DHEC does not address concerns for continued withdrawal from the aquifer by large industrial users. The mega-farms can put unusual demands on the rivers that provide surface water to reservoirs. The State needs to ensure the public drinking water supplies are protected from large industrial users.
MPW has been monitoring this and has done everything within it’s power to bring this to the attention of leaders and the community to ensure public water supplies are protected. MPW will continue to meet with community leaders and the legislative delegation to encourage them to take action to protect the State's water sources. We will ensure our voice will continued to be heard.
MPW's mission is to provide safe, quality water to all its customers. Water is tested throughout the area daily. In a recent social media/news media scare about contaminates in the water, MPW immediately held press conferences & meetings and had the water tested by an outside laboratory. Public updates were issued daily via the utility's website, Facebook, Twitter pages and customer emails as well as through Next Door, TV and newspapers. Respond by: Listening, testing, and communicating.
MPW has an active Asset Management Plan in place to monitor and replace aging infrastructure. The water system began in 1935 and the wastewater (ww) system was implemented in 1942 with it’s first ww treatment plant coming on line in 1969. That plant was recently upgraded to state of the art standards in 2015 and the 2nd ww treatment plant is currently in the process of being upgraded. There are four Reverse Osmosis water treatment plants and all are maintained in good operating order.
I am not familiar with changes to the Splash Zone Map and do not know the effect on existing sewer and water lines. logo


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