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The NJ General Election will take place on Tuesday, November 7, 2017. Voters will head to the polls to select a Governor, State Senator, and State Assembly Members, as well as a number of county and local elected officials.
  • Christopher R. DePhillips (Rep)

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    Christine Ordway (Dem) Board Member

  • Anthony J. Pellechia (YTM)

  • Kevin J. Rooney (Rep) Managing partner - HMS global holdings

  • Paul Vagianos (Dem) Small Business Owner

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New Jersey has some of the highest property taxes in the nation. What, if anything, do you propose to lower property taxes?

New Jersey's state pension system has recently been named the worst-funded state retirement plan in the country and is arguably one of our largest financial problems. How do you propose to address our state's pension issues?

How can New Jersey meet our energy needs while protecting our environment? For example, would you support energy conservation, expansion of renewable energy projects, hydraulic fracturing, and pipelines, etc?

What would you do to promote job growth in our state?

Please indicate three additional state priority issues for you (not already listed in this questionnaire) and explain how you would address them.

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Twitter @flipthe40th
Qualifications/Experience Thirty plus years of financial, marketing, teaching, recruiting and Board membership experience. BS Accounting and MBA in Finance.
Streamline NJ government to run like a business. Establish a committee to audit and analyze the Budget as well as each department for cost efficiencies and areas to reduce or eliminate funding. Expansion of tax base by investing heavily in infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, tunnels, mass transit resulting in increase in state revenues and job expansion. Create additional business incentives to attract and retain businesses and jobs. Identify shared service opportunities with voter support such as DPW and school maintenance functions. Consider outsourcing of identified municipal and state functions if save taxpayer dollars. Conduct an evaluation of state medical insurance and pension obligations (current and retired obligations must be funded).
The legislature needs to appoint a statewide commission to evaluate current state pension and medical insurance programs. Proper funding in accordance with actuarial estimates needs to be determined. Unanticipated revenues need to be used for acceleration of pension payments. All obligations for current and retired employees need to be honored as a financial and moral obligation. Reassess all programs for future employees in light of states' current financial condition. Pension and health benefit loopholes need to be eliminated, i.e., the practice of double dipping.
Expansion of sustainable Jersey Program to fund environmentally sound and consensus driven municipal projects through encouraging companies and philanthropic organizations to participate as sponsors. Developers need to be required to contribute to a municipal fund to provide funding for open space, parks and infrastructure. I support energy conservation programs as well as renewable energy program expansion and would sponsor these programs in the legislature. I would not support use of hydraulic fracturing or expansion of pipelines which are detrimental to environment.
The establishment of Business Improvement Districts needs to be simplified through evaluation of legislation designed to simplify the process and encourage re-establishment of downtown areas. Provide tax incentives to developers to establish industrial, commercial and professional parks in less desirable areas resulting in facilitating development of small businesses by reducing business costs. Result is to expand tax base, create jobs and stimulate economy while encouraging expansion of small business. For existing central business districts, expand and encourage infrastructure and enhancement programs.
Education: Lower tuition rates for instate colleges resulting in allowing college students to get out from under mountains of debt and NJ no longer a net exporter of students. Lower tuition can be accomplished by increased use of grants and improving oversight as well as coordination of expenditures and programs. Establish statewide policy to eliminate unnecessary duplication of facilities and programs. Internships should be required for high school and college students. Businesses who partner with educational institutions would be eligible for tax incentives. Flooding: with federal government assistance,continue home purchase programs as well as dredging and cleanup of contaminated waterways safely. Veterans/special needs: provide educational, emotional, medical and job training support
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Twitter @kevinJrooney
Qualifications/Experience I have over 20 years of experience involved in public service, and have been a sitting member of Assembly since December 2016.
Stop unfunded mandates imposed on local government; fight for fair school funding, making sure additional funding provides property tax relief; consolidation of government services to help cut costs. close loopholes in current laws; supporting legislation that provides the greatest possible benefit for all the residents and businesses in NJ, and fighting legislation that creates additional burdens or puts anyone at an unfair advantage
By re-evaluating future enrollment options, and by a close and careful review of current and future investment opportunities while ensuring the stability of the system.
I am very supportive of energy conservation and imrpoving and expanding renewable energy in new jersey such as wind, solar, and water. I recently introduced bill 5148 to allow certain dams to function as run-of-the-river renewable energy sources. as for fracking and pipelines, each situation needs to be examined so the environment, and the health and safety of the futures of our children are not harmed.
Reduce excessive taxes and fees on businesses; create incentives to promote NJ as an attractive place to live, work, or start a business; reduce the layers of regulation and red tape that delays business expansion or investment in NJ; and stop extensive regulations that lead to the increasingly high cost of doing business – including one of the highest corporate tax rates in the country, the increasing cost of healthcare, fees and permit costs, etc
- continuing to think out of the box when it comes to substance abuse, including my bill A4814 which expands the prescription monitoring system in NJ to include controlled substances like painkillers given to animals, and making sure that we are not only preventing addiction but educating early on and providing opportunities for those who suffer to be able to have access to a new start. it is important to also stay active in discussions. - fighting to protect the developmentally disabled: bringing special needs housing to communities that need them to keep families together, and more importantly provide stable environment to live and find employment, - Stop excessive state spending and focus on funding programs that matter like repairing failing infrastructure
Facebook http://nj40dems
Twitter @nj40dems
Qualifications/Experience see website above
Streamlining State government to operate like a business Conducting an evaluation of State pension and medical insurance programs Expanding the tax base to increase state revenues Identifying shared services opportunities Closing pension and health benefit system loopholes
See answer above
Cooperative development Developers should be required to pay into a municipal fund, according to the size and scope of a project, to provide funding for parks, open space and infrastructure.

Sustainable Jersey Program Expand the program to fund additional environmentally sound and consensus driven municipal projects by encouraging more companies and philanthropic organizations to participate as sponsors in the program.

I would support energy conservation programs and the expansion of all types of renewable energy to supplement existing power generation capacity.
To promote Job growth I would propose:

Cutting red tape and revitalizing downtowns

Simplify the process to establish Business Improvement Districts (BIDS)

Provide tax incentives to developers to establish professional/commercial/industrial parks in areas that would not ordinarily be considered for development. Expand and encourage infrastructure and enhancement programs for NJ’s struggling central business districts and downtown shopping areas.

Fully funding The Transportation Trust Fund

Investing in infrastructure
Veterans and Citizens with Special Needs Improving and simplifying rules and regulation to encourage the development of affordable housing for veterans and citizens with disabilities and special needs Selective dredging combined with clean-up of contaminated waterways.


Lower tuition rates Required student internships Additional support to students I endorse increasing the use of grants and low interest rate loans to students and structuring the repayment of student loans to match their income levels. Coordination between businesses and schools Encourage businesses and schools to partner together to develop programs that will better match curriculum with the educational requirements and skill set needs of employers. logo


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