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11th Senate District

The NJ General Election will take place on Tuesday, November 7, 2017. Voters will head to the polls to select a Governor, State Senator, and State Assembly Members, as well as a number of county and local elected officials.
  • Jennifer Beck (Rep)

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    Vin Gopal (Dem) Small Business Owner

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New Jersey has some of the highest property taxes in the nation. What, if anything, do you propose to lower property taxes?

New Jersey's state pension system has recently been named the worst-funded state retirement plan in the country and is arguably one of our largest financial problems. How do you propose to address our state's pension issues?

How can New Jersey meet our energy needs while protecting our environment? For example, would you support energy conservation, expansion of renewable energy projects, hydraulic fracturing, and pipelines, etc?

What would you do to promote job growth in our state?

Please indicate three additional state priority issues for you (not already listed in this questionnaire) and explain how you would address them.

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Twitter @vingopal
Qualifications/Experience Small-Business Owner, Former Board Member of Monmouth Board of Chamber, former Volunteer EMT, Passionate Community Volunteer
We need a new school funding formula which is fully funded. Governor Christie and Senator Beck gutted over 1 billion dollars to our schools back in 2010. As your State Senator, I will fight for a fair school funding formula that supports Monmouth County schools. I also believe we need to focus heavily on consolidation and shared services and by eliminating waste and duplicated services, we can lower our property tax burden. Home rule in New Jersey has been a big reason why New Jersey property taxes keep going up every year.
New Jersey Governors have spent years raiding the pension system to fund other projects. All current employees deserve the pension they are getting, especially teachers who are not well paid in New Jersey. For future employees, we must look at ways how we can create a fiscal structure which creates financial stability for all taxpayers. Consolidation, shared services and other tools will help us solving many of our fiscal challenges.
We currently have a National EPA Administrator who does not even acknowledge that climate change is real. My home was damaged by superstorm sandy and it took me months before I could get back into my home. Protecting our beaches and shorelines and making sure we only do projects which are environmentally safe is a top priority for me. Governor Christie made a big mistake in canceling the ARC tunnel and getting out of RGGI. Senator Beck sided with him on both issues.
Small-businesses are the economic engine of our future. We must support our downtowns, re-instate urban enterprise zones, bring in new ratabales and give the tools for small-businesses to success. New Jersey has too much red tape and we must make it easy for businesses to open and succeed. As a past board member of the Monmouth County Chamber of Commerce and a past president of my town's business owners association, this is an important area for me.
My opponent, Senator Beck, opposes pay equity and was the only woman in the Senate to vote against it. She was also the sponsor of a property tax legislation which was under criminal investigation by the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office. She also voted numerous times against common-sense gun violence legislation, marriage equality, women's healthcare funding and countless other issues important to the taxpayers of Monmouth County. logo


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