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Court of Common Pleas Judge 33rd Judicial District (Armstrong County)


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    CHASE MCCLISTER (Rep) Attorney

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What is the most important quality in a judge?

Under what circumstances would you recuse or have you recused from a case?

As a member of the judiciary, what can you do on and off the bench to ensure that all Pennsylvanians have access to justice?

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Education Sarah Lawrence College; The Dickinson School of Law
Qualifications 21 years of legal experience, including 19 years as Assistant District Attorney, extensive civil practice and trial experience
Impartiality and fairness are essential to a judge's integrity. Every person involved in any proceeding before a judge must feel confident that the judge will give him or her a fair hearing and apply the law with absolute impartiality.
I would always recuse myself from a case in which I felt that I had any direct or indirect conflict of interest, or in which I felt that I could not be impartial. I would also be inclined to recuse myself from a case in which there was even an appearance that I would be biased in the outcome, even if I felt sure that I could nonetheless be impartial. It is important that people have confidence in the judiciary.
The biggest obstacle to justice is likely poverty. The inability to afford legal assistance often makes it impossible for Pennsylvanians to navigate the legal system. Off the bench I would encourage the local bar association to develop a program to provide legal assistance pro bono in some organized manner. On the bench, I would work patiently and understandingly with those who cannot afford an attorney, but who are nonetheless seeking justice in one form or another. logo


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