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Court of Common Pleas Judge 32nd Judicial District (Delaware County)

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    KELLY ECKEL (Dem) Attorney and Arbitrator


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What is the most important quality in a judge?

Under what circumstances would you recuse or have you recused from a case?

As a member of the judiciary, what can you do on and off the bench to ensure that all Pennsylvanians have access to justice?

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Education A.B. cum laude, Harvard College; J.D. cum laude, Temple Law School (Managing Editor, Temple Law Review)
Qualifications 2010 to present: Arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association, presiding over commercial cases and business disputes, conducting pre-trial and evidentiary hearings, resolving discovery disputes, and issuing rulings and awards. 1997 to present: Attorney with Duane Morris LLP, litigating disputes of many kinds (including complex contracts, fraud and business torts, employment, bankruptcy litigation, and IP matters) in courts throughout the country. 1996-97, Judicial Clerk, US District Court
Municipality 32nd Judicial District (Delaware County)
Judges must be experienced, impartial, and independent. Judges do real work that directly impacts the lives and livelihood of the people before them; accordingly, candidates for this important office should bring to the table significant experience in the practice of law and a demonstrated ability to be impartial and act independent of politics and special interests, so that they can apply the law fairly to all parties who come to the court.
Having practiced law at Duane Morris for nearly 20 years, I would recuse myself from matters in which Duane Morris lawyers represent a party, to avoid any appearance of impropriety. I would evaluate all other matters assigned to me on a case by case basis. As a neutral arbitrator for the AAA, I routinely decide cases, giving all parties fair and impartial hearings to reach a just result. In each case I hear, I disclose any relationships I have with the parties, their counsel and/or witnesses.
As a judge, I will preside over each case as I have done as an arbitrator for the past 6.5 years: I will give all parties the opportunity to present their case fully; I will not prejudge a case based on who the parties or their counsel are; I will listen closely and apply the relevant law to reach decisions and issue rulings and awards. In this way, all parties—regardless of background or representation—will have access to justice applied in the same way to all Pennsylvanians. 
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