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City Commissioners are elected representatives of the citizens of Kalamazoo. The Commission provides leadership and policy direction for the community and all municipal government activities with a focus on the long-term financial stability of the city and identification of community priorities.The Commission consists of seven members, including the Mayor. Commission members are elected to four-year terms staggered every two years. Three Commissioners are elected every two years. Vote for up to three candidates.

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Why are you running for Kalamazoo City Commission? What strengths or talents especially qualify you for that office?

What do you think will be two major issues confronting Kalamazoo in the next two years? How do you propose to address them?

What aspects of the Foundation for Excellence are most exciting to you? What aspects, if any, concern you? logo


All statements and videos are posted directly by the candidate, unedited by the League of Women Voters and do not express the views of the League. The League never supports or opposes candidates or political parties.