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Hudson City Council, Ward 4

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    Beth Bigham (NP) Nurse Practitioner

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    Kerri Keller (NP) Attorney

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1. Becoming an elected public official, makes one accountable to the voters. How would you define accountability and what specifically would you do to hold yourself accountable?

2. By reducing its share of funding, the State of Ohio continues to shift the burden for tax-based services to the local level. What does that mean for Hudson entities’ (City Council, BOE, Library) funding needs and how do you see these entities competing for more local taxes?

3. When considering individual variance applications or other changes to the Land Development Code, what standards would you employ?

Address 2284 Herrick Circle Hudson, Ohio 44236
Campaign Phone (864) 905-6818
Age 43
Accountability is one of the cornerstones of good governance. It refers not only to the ability to explain the decisions that I have made within the context of the information that was available at the time, but also the obligation that I hold in doing so. When called upon to make decisions and choose one path over another, I hold the interests of my fellow citizens in the highest regard. I utilize ward forums, email and phone communications, as well as surveys to gain feedback from constituents
There is no doubt that the funding cuts from the state have impacted local government budgeting and planning. We must be aggressively pursuing efficiency and squeezing value from every tax dollar invested in our community. It also requires adjusting the budget to reflect and fund the most important needs, while also demanding ROI from programs that go beyond the basic services. I remain committed to ensuring that every dollar that Hudson receives and spends has a strategic and beneficial purpose
The Land Development Code in a local municipality is developed and designed to ensure that the land uses and occupants enjoy a harmonized synergy. I firmly believe that any and all variances requested to the Land Development Code should follow well-established procedures (section 1204.03) and intense vetting to ensure the sanctity of Hudson. Any proposed changes should be evaluated in light of potential for future impact and considerations.
Address 2241 Jesse Drive
Campaign Phone (216) 258-3155
Age 42
Accountability is transparency. Officials must also be prepared, listen to others, answer for their actions and explain their decisions, follow the law, be honest, work to build consensus, be available, and zealously (but respectfully) advocate when needed. They must also put aside self-interest and remain vigilant about recognizing situations that may present professional or personal conflicts. I promise to do all of this.
There is certainly more competition for funds now. The challenge will be to ensure that a priority is placed on safeguarding those things that affect health, safety, and welfare, while at the same time preserving those things that impact quality of life and contribute to a strong community. All entities that have lost funds will have to be creative when it comes to generating revenue, and even more conservative and efficient when it comes to spending.
The Land Development Code vests the power to grant variances to the Board of Zoning and Building Appeals, so council’s role is limited when it comes to applications for variances. If changes to the code are needed, I would seek to employ the standards set out in Section 1201.03, which sets forth the purpose and intent of the code and also reflects the city’s goals and ideals when it comes to land development. As long as these standards are in place, they should form the foundation for changes. logo


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