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Township Trustee - 4 Year Term - Term Commences 1/1/2018
  • Rick L. Hinson Retired

  • Charles Polster Ohio Township Trustee

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What is the most important issue facing your township, and what do you specifically suggest to address this issue?

Consolidation of emergency services is advocated as a cost saving efficiency. What is your position on shared equipment ownership?

The heroin crisis is escalating in Clermont. The Mental Health Board has a four part plan to increase treatment, prevent opiate misuse, reduce harm and cut the supply of opiates. What specific actions should your township take to protect residents?

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Education New Richmond High School
Age 58
Family Margie - wife Jill (daughter) Eric (son-in-law) two granddaughters Jason (son)
The most important issue facing Ohio Township is being able to keep providing the high quality of services to the community within the Townships budget. The Township is receiving less monies due to the cut backs in local government funds. I believe that staying within our budget is the best way we can still have the best services for our residents. Spending money wisely and using our resources to get the most out of our tax dollars. Making sound financial decisions that will impact our residents not just for today or tomorrow but for future years.
The consolidation of emergency services is already in place at Ohio Township. This has proven to be cost effective for our township. My thought on shared equipment is that I believe it will take away prompt run times to emergencies in our township. Therefore not serving our residents with the highest level of care that can be given to them.
With the heroin crisis being such a focal point in the county, I feel as a trustee we need to stay in touch with local law enforcement. The best action that we can take is to educate ourselves with the monthly reports from the Sheriffs department and our EMTs/paramedics, so that they can educate us on how to deal with our residents and try to address their addictions and how it effects their neighbors.
Education 1967 New Richmond High School Grad
Age 68
Military Service US Marine Corps Viet Nam Vet
Employer Retired from Duke Energy
Experience Past 4 years as trustee, my job at Duke was equipment operator, Former Firefighter/EMT with New Richmond, former video store owner
To keep the township operating within its budget without any new tax increases. Keep planning scheduled repairs on roads and keep maintaining our equipment as we do now. We have to stay within our budget. If an emergency project comes up that requires attention, then we have to look at what can be delayed to a later date. I believe, it has to be run as a business, knowing what you need to do and what you may have to cut or postpone to another year. The township residents deserve that the trustees will do the best job possible for their tax dollars.
Sharing bunker gear. Many Fire/EMS personnel run with other departments. Bunker gear is fitted. The cost to outfit is getting more expensive, and each department buys a complete set of gear when running with that department. Multiply that times 2-4 departments a person may run with and it adds up. If you can get departments to agree, starting department buys the first set, if repairs or replacement is needed the department where damage occurs will replace that damaged gear. But that will take an agreement that will be difficult to obtain, sorry to say.
We have informed residents to report to the sheriff's office any suspicious cars or persons in their neighborhood, in order to help cut down on break ins or burglaries which is on the rise in some areas. This is a problem as many robberies are committed in order to buy drugs.

Unless you stop or at least slow down the flow of drugs little will change. When the same person is being treated for an overdose numerous times and the expenses to treat are starting to cost our Fire/EMS departments which in turn cost what ever municipality controls that department. It is not only the cost in treatment but loss of some medics which are becoming burned out on these types of runs. There is not just one simple answer to solve the drug problem. logo


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