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Township Trustee - 4 Year Term - Term Commences 1/1/2018
  • Dwain Forder Sr.

  • Tom Peck

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    Kim D.M. Simmons retired commercial photographer

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What is the most important issue facing your township, and what do you specifically suggest to address this issue?

Consolidation of emergency services is advocated as a cost saving efficiency. What is your position on shared equipment ownership?

The heroin crisis is escalating in Clermont. The Mental Health Board has a four part plan to increase treatment, prevent opiate misuse, reduce harm and cut the supply of opiates. What specific actions should your township take to protect residents?

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Education BFA and Masters degree
Age 66
Family My family help settle this area, coming to Ohio around 1800. My father grew up in Laurel and went to school and graduated from New Richmond before going to UC to become a medical doctor. I grew up not far from where we live now, in Bethel. My family also had a diary farm here in Laurel and in 1984 after leaving college in 1981, my wife and I built our house on what was left of the family farm, which we eventually bought. Our son Scott, graduated from New Richmond in 1988 and also in 1988, We bought the photography studio I had been working for since 1981 and my wife and I worked together ever since. In 2001 we moved the studio to our house addition we built where we continued our photographic work while I also taught photography at UC's main campus until Spring of 2012.
Military Service Navy
Employer Self/ retired
Experience 24 years running my own business the last 6 months as an appointed Monroe Township Trustee
To be honest, the most important issue we have in Monroe Township is keeping the lights on. With less money coming from the State, I have seen first hand how the previous trustees have had to make the hard decisions as to what roads to repave, people we need to hire to keep our township roads clear in the Winter and mowed in the Summer. What we as trustees need to do is to try to make the case to our local county government that we need County sewage to entice businesses to come into our township yet at the same time keep our rural feel and look. We do not want or need to be over run by a more city life style, but work with businesses to keep our country feel without stepping on our existing citizens toes. It will be a tight rope walk or we could hide our heads in the sand and hope. But putting our heads in the sand is not a solution, we must actively try to attract businesses who want to come into the country to provide their goods and services.
Co-ownership might sound like a solution, but we have seen first hand how it does not actually work. Equipment not owned is equipment not taken care of properly. Then the actual owner of the equipment is left repairing any equipment shared. As far as cost saving efficiency of Emergency services, all of the townships that surround Monroe, including Monroe Township have co-operative agreements to help each other in all cases of emergency. Those agreements are in effect a consolidation of services, we help each other. While almost all of the Fire Departments around and including Monroe Township in one way or another are understaffed, we all work together. Together our emergency services all do a fantastic job with what we have available as a group.
Education is a primary method to reduce drug use and that graphic education should be in grade school thru high school, but as a local government, there is actually very little a township can do to protect residents. We can talk about what we would like to do, but in the end it will come down to the Federal and State governments to come up with the best methods to fight any drug misuse, but in the bottom line, it comes down to money. With all that said, here in Monroe Township we are working to put Hi-Definition recording cameras in our Parks to record any transactions and make those recordings as well as live streaming available to the appropriate law enforcement officials. No one should be afraid to walk our walking trails or be concerned about children picking up needles or other drug paraphernalia in our parks. In my view, people need to take responsibility for their personal actions, but that is not a popular belief today. logo


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