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Township Trustee - 4 Year Term - Term Commences 1/1/2018
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    Lisa Allen Goshen Township Trustee, Computer Teacher

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    Dan Hodges Sales / Marketing

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    Bill Pitman Director of Public Works

  • Jeff Scheadler construction

  • Lois Pappas Swift Local Business Owner

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What is the most important issue facing your township, and what do you specifically suggest to address this issue?

Consolidation of emergency services is advocated as a cost saving efficiency. What is your position on shared equipment ownership?

The heroin crisis is escalating in Clermont. The Mental Health Board has a four part plan to increase treatment, prevent opiate misuse, reduce harm and cut the supply of opiates. What specific actions should your township take to protect residents?

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Education Applied Business; University of Cincinnati
Family I have been married to my husband of 23 years, Jim Allen. We have two beautiful and intelligent daughters, Caytee and Megan.
Employer Goshen Township, Goshen Local Schools
Experience Trustee at Goshen Township from 2014 - Present; Fiscal Officer at Goshen Township from 2006 - 2013; Business experience from Procter and Gamble from 1991 - 1998
I feel the most important issue facing our Township is managing growth. The economy in Goshen is improving, we are seeing a tremendous increase in Zoning Permits, sale of homes at or above asking price and more than 400 new homes planned for our community. We need to realize that growth will occur, and its best for us to manage it and partner with the land owners and developers to shape the rural/suburban community our residents want rather than have the developers dictate to us our future community. During the last four years as a Trustee I worked with our Zoning Board to update and enhance our entire Zoning Code and Zoning map to properly reflect the Goshen of the future. We also created our first Strategic Plan for the community which addresses economic development and growth; specifically where we expect and want that growth to occur.
Consolidation of Emergency Services has been highlighted as a cost benefit, but as our emergency services have looked to “consolidate” items in the past sometimes cheaper was also less service. Throughout Clermont County services are delivered in different ways; FT, PT and volunteer departments exist and some departments are a combination of some or all those. When looking to consolidate services or equipment we can’t just look at the cost savings of the equipment, but do we have manpower to staff the equipment when it’s needed as well as maintain it. Currently we share the cost of pump testing, ladder testing and training with our neighboring fire departments. Through the county wide mutual aid agreement we provide and receive mutual aid from our neighbors for specific equipment and manpower when needed. On the Law Enforcement side our voters have supported having an independent Police Dept. The community overwhelmingly wanted to keep our officers and police station in Goshen.
I have supported the Goshen Township Police efforts to address the heroin crisis on multiple levels. First, they educate our youth through presentations in Goshen Local Schools including Botvin LifeSkills as well as presentations of the DEA produced, Chasing the Dragon video. They are active partners with the Goshen War on Heroin civic group and twice monthly the partnership uses a response team to visit Goshen homes wherein overdoses or drug arrests have occurred. The response team provides addicts and families with support and resources to help the addicts get sober. I also supported Goshen Police to become equipped with Narcan to reverse the effects of opiate overdoses and since implementation in 2016, officers have administered to 17 individuals who survived. From an enforcement aspect, Goshen Police aggressively target drug offenses. Tools I have supported that they use include a drug sniffing police canine and they will be an active member of the Clermont County Narcotics Unit.
Campaign Phone (513) 515-1927
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Education 1989 Graduate of Goshen High School / 1994 Graduate of The Ohio State University
Age 47
Family Married for eight years to Angela Hodges
Employer Cahall Bros., Inc. John Deere
Experience Clermont County Fair Board since 2004 / Fair President for past two years / Member of the Goshen Education Foundation Board
Thanks to the achievements of the Goshen Local Schools and our Safety Services, our community is experiencing tremendous growth with which our infrastructures are not equipped to handle. Our roads and bridges are in need of repairs and a plan needs to be adopted with the county and state to handle the increased traffic that we have now and that will be coming in the near future. With our growing housing developments and a push for small business growth, we must act now in order to maintain good traffic flow and increase narrow roads for passing cars and emergency vehicles. We must get the attention of our local leaders to see that our community may not be the business districts as other townships, but it is a desirable place to live, and the safety of our residents is just as important. I feel with my contacts and abilities, we can create a plan with the County Engineer's Office to help alleviate future traffic issues and maintain safe passage to and from our township.
I understand that the cost of emergency services is an expense for the township but I also know that good safety services is one factor in what draws residents to your community. We are fortunate in Goshen to have outstanding emergency personnel and they have contributed to our township identity within the county ranks. In shared equipment ownership, I would be afraid that it might impede our response or our chance at saving someone's life. It may be economically beneficial for other townships to share equipment and may work for their situation, that I am not opposed to. As a resident of Goshen, I would hope we have what we need, when we need it. We already do participate with our neighboring departments and help share costs on joint emergency runs. I am a strong advocate of our safety services and will always work to make sure they have the best we can provide for them to do their job.
Until I can sit down with the Police, Fire, and EMS leadership in our township to see what has already been done and what is planned to be done, it is hard to give a specific action. What I will stress is that I believe we should do our best as trustees to support and strengthen our safety departments as necessary, through training, equipment, or even addition personnel, because they are the ones on the front line of this battle. A strong police presence and quick first responders, that is our protection to residents. Reality is, drug misuse will never fully be stopped. So give our personnel the tools and training they need to offer the best protection they can and promote working with neighboring townships and county departments to share information and communication on drug trafficking coming through our township.
Campaign Phone (513) 575-3461
Education Northwest High School graduate
Age 48
Family Married for 28 years to my wife Peggy, three adult children Elizabeth, Jamie & Seth, three grandchildren Wyatt, Aubrey and Kylie
Military Service none
Employer Symmes Township 9323 Union Cemetery Rd. Loveland, Ohio 45140
Experience 23 years in public service starting as a Road Worker/Mechanic to Crew Leader, Foreman and Director of Public Works. Extensive experience in roads, parks, cemeteries, public safety and zoning. Administration experience in personnel, budgets, master planning and contract specifications. Grant writing experience for road and park projects. Member of the Ohio Township Association since 2009 and successfully completing the Leadership Academy in 2013 designed to educate, promote and preserve township government. 10 years with the Goshen Community Fire Department as volunteer Firefighter/ EMT
Proper growth of our community and understanding the outcome of the decisions made by our elected officials. Growth is necessary as long as it is done with the understanding as to what effect it will have on our Safety Services and our school district. We do have room in our Township for commercial and residential growth with Zoning enforcement and a land use plan.
Shared services and equipment is a common and successful way of controlling cost and utilizing equipment and personnel to the fullest degree. Cross training of safety services personnel allows efficient use of all services. Working together with neighboring communities and county officials to share services would be very beneficial to all involved.
Work with the Mental Health Board to educate our residents and our children in our local school district. Work with our State Official to make physicians and pharmaceutical companies accountable. Support our local and county law enforcement officials with the necessary personnel and equipment to help cut the supply from entering our community.
Campaign Phone (513) 313-6689
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Education high school
Age 51
Family Terri / wife Tiffany / daughter Travis / son
Military Service none
Employer Scheadler Underground
Experience CEO, Scheadler Underground (25 years) President, Goshen Youth Soccer Association (12 years) President, Clermont Central Soccer Association (2 years)
Goshen Township's largest problem is our lack of business growth. We need to boost our economy by bringing more businesses to Goshen. These businesses would drive profit into the town. We could then capitalize on this profit by improving our Fire & EMS and Police Stations with the extra funds. These funds will create a cycle of economic and recreational growth to also allow more opportunities, recreational and formal, for the citizens. This plan can help us become a town to drive to-not through; this will give us a name on the map.
Consolidation of emergency services can promote teamwork and unity within our public safety officers. Although Fire, EMS, and Police all have vast missions, they all relate to public safety. If these groups can collaborate with each other successfully in the office and in training, they will have a better understanding of each other and each other's systems to create the most comprehensive and effective public safety action plan for the community.
Goshen Township needs to permit all public safety officers to carry Narcan to provide a quick method to save lives from drug overdose. However, this is only a quick solution. We need to focus more on prevention to tackle the root of the problem. We can join forces with the Mental Health Board to educate Goshen citizens on the heroin epidemic. Increased awareness will enable citizens to have more knowledge about crisis situations, so they can act as first responders and so they never begin using drugs, decreasing the drug and crime rates in Goshen and Clermont County. For those individuals who are already addicted, we need to find a way to make effective treatment programs more available and affordable to them to make our community cleaner and further decrease our drug and crime rates, making us a happier, healthier, and more united community.

narcan police should have
Campaign Phone (513) 722-9008
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Education U.C. - Marketing
Age 70
Family Husband - Michael
Employer Heritage Hall & Banquet Center
Experience 30 year Career w/General Electric - Production Control
I believe we are next "in line" for the growth that the rest of the county has experienced in the last ten years. We are prime due to the fact we still have "property" that is reasonably priced - we have to manage our growth - we have to enforce our Zoning Policies and Procedures and not allow builders/developers to dictate how they will build and what they will build in our Township. No high density subdivisions - it just doesn't work. Trustees have allowed this in the past - a lot of these homes are boarded up and in foreclosure - it is a blight and we cannot allow this.
The benefits would be cost effective -
This crisis has touched people in this township, our county, our state and even my family. It breaks your heart - but I am a firm believer that educating young people even as young as first or second grade not to even touch this drug. Just about every one that I've spoken to has said that this would not happen to them...but once you have experienced this drug even for one time - you're hooked. So, educate the young people - be a standard in your community - even if you have to be graphic - show them the effects of this evil drug.

We need to work with Clermont County Mental Health Board - involve our Police, Firemen and EMT's - they are on the forefront of this epidemic and do whatever it takes to rid our community of this terrible scourge. logo


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