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School Board Member - 4 Year Term - Term Commences 1/1/2018
  • Chris Baker Sr. Mfg. Engineer / Sr. Prj. Manager

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    Melanie Brandenburger State Certified Real Estate Appraiser

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    David Brannock Retired

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    Charles Napier Supervisor

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    Brandy Pryor CASA Advocate for Clermont County

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    Tiffiany Riddle Occupational Therapist

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    Bill Shula Educator-Adjunct Professor

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Biographical Information

What are your skills, talents and expertise that will help you contribute as a school board member?

What are the biggest challenges facing your school district and what specific solutions do you seek?

What do you hope to accomplish while you are a school board member?

Campaign Phone (513) 734-1048
Education Bethel-Tate Graduate UC Graduate / Associates Degree UC Bachelors - Unfinished
Age 56
Employer Belcan LLC
I have lived in the Bethel community since 1972. I, as well as my kids, go to or graduated from Bethel-Tate High School. In my current occupation I am experienced at managing multiple projects within the same timeframe. These projects range in value from a few thousand dollars to upward of $1,250,000. The task of tracking and analyzing the spend rate, spend percentage and estimated completion date of these projects fall under my role as Sr. Project Manager. Having volunteered at the various schools within the Bethel-Tate system over the past 16 plus years I have seen what the district has struggled with to remain financially viable and maintain the level of excellence in academics. Having that close connection to the staff, faculty and students of the district would be a plus in understanding the needs of Bethel-Tate.
Financial stability is the biggest obstacle that faces most school districts. Bethel-Tate is no different. The school needs to remain financially strong without putting more burden on the community. In the past there has been tough decisions made that impacted staff, parents, students and the Bethel community as a whole. The board needs to work hard at not allowing that type of burden to fall on the district again in the future. The obvious solution is financial stability that does not require more from the community, tax payers, but rather belter managing of finances within the district.
As I have already stated financial strength would be a top priority. There are currently issues with bussing which needs to be addressed. Academics as well as the athletic funding are also topics that need to be resolved. We need to maintain the level of excellence in academics that Bethe-Tate is know for and work on easing some of the financial burden that is currently shouldered by the parents in regards to the pay to participate sports program. I don't want the board to "just maintain" the current status of Bethel-Tate but rather improve that level.
Education Northern Kentucky University Bachelors Degrees in Business Administration and Management; Associates Degree in Real Estate
Age 43
Family Husband, Children, Ages 13, 8, and 6.
Military Service N/A
Employer Self Employed
Experience I have been a small business owner, (Appraisal Connections, Inc.) for the past 14 years. My jusband and I have been Bethel residents for 15 years and our children have been involved in Bethel-Tate school programs as well as many extra-curricular sports programs in the District.
Working my way through college, I found, was a valuable experience. It prepared me for challenges that are prevalent today, such as organizational prioritization, constant technology changes, financial literacy, social media, and leadership in business relationships. I have held membership in many local and regional organizations, with a focus on elementary education, developmental disabilities, and educational policy. I have been a small business owner (Appraisal Connections, Inc.) for the past 14 years, and a resident in the Bethel-Tate School District. I have 3 children in the District. Our family has been very involved in School programs and extra-curricular sports. I have specific expertise and experience with Individual Educational Programs required for my child, and so many other children, who require increased consideration for medical and developmental disabilities.
1. Increased scrutiny and management of money and tax levy funds. There are potential operational risks four years from now when the current emergency levy ends. 2. School buildings infrastructure and technological capabilities are in need of upgrades. 3. Current district report cards show a lack of improvement in educational scores over the past 5 years and, in fact, they have been trending downward. 4. Accountability - The appearance of a lack of accountability and transparency between the individual schools and administration. A lack of social accountability and dialogue between schools, students and parents. Bullying, inappropriate behavior, and disciplinary actions are handled inconsistently. There is an apparent absence of meaningful communication from the schools to the parents.

Solutions: Initiate communication protocols and procedures to decrease/eliminate issues. Accountability and annual incident/result reports should be required for all district schools
- Improved communication among the board, school staff, and residents/parents, resulting in healthier relationships for the sake of the students. - Establishment of standardized policies & procedures, with accountability, in regards to bullying and other damaging behaviors. - Increased transparency of school and district financial conditions that will contribute to improved spending per student, and reversal of State educational reporting scores, which have been trending downward for the past few years.
Campaign Phone (513) 532-1691
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Education BBA 1978 Univ. of Cincinnati Major; Accounting
Age 61
Family 3 daughters, Bethany, Brittany and Stephany
Military Service None
Experience 37 years of accounting experience
I was on the school board from 2008-2011 and also worked for the school in the Treasurer' office for 3 years. So I have seen the school from a unique angle from both inside and outside. I have experience in the accounting area from my prior jobs and can apply those talents to being an effective board member. It also helps to have experienced how a school board operates from my prior experience on board. I have been involved in various civic activities in the 50 years that I have lived in this great community. I was a volunteer fireman on the Bethel Tate fire department for 33 years, a current member of the Bethel Lions Club and been with the Bethel Tate Alumni association for 15 years.
The biggest challenges are to continue the great job our district already does to educate the students as well as to quide the district financially given the fact that a recent levy was passed. We have to be smart regarding the finances for our district.
I hope that I can provide the needed support to the staff to educate our students . This is not only the teachers but the support staff that make our school a pleasant learning experience for all children. I additionally want to continue our growing and successful athletic programs.
Age 48
Family Sherry A Napier Charles A Napier Jacob Napier Mallory A Napier
Military Service U.S Army
Employer Ford Motor Company
Experience Supervisor for 20 years
School Board member for the past 4 yrs. Training with negotiating union contracts. Conflict resolution training. Time a DATA management.

Our current financial position along with a growing number of students requiring special needs.
My hope is to make Bethel Tate a environment where parents can feel confident that when they send their children to school they are safe and receiving the very best education that we have to offer. I also hope to bring more cohesion between parents and the district along with giving the teachers the resources that they need to be successful and fostering an environment that employees enjoy coming to work.
Campaign Phone (513) 374-1592
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Age 44
Family My husband and 3 children ages 11,9 and 7.
Experience Extensive experience in Marketing,Sales and Management at a District level overseeing 45+ million in retail sales.
My husband and I have been residents of Bethel for 15 years. As a parent of 3 young children in the school district, I strive to understand the ongoing changes to mandates involving our children’s education, the federal guidelines for students with learning disabilities, as well as state and federal changes to school funding. I have regularly attended our school board meetings for the past 3 years. This has given me the opportunity, not only to understand what has been occurring within our district financially, but to educate myself on a variety of topics in education. My background in business management and sales gives me a distinct perspective on district spending. This experience gives me an understanding of best practices regarding staff relationships as well as spending/ budgeting, not only for current needs, but also for the future needs of our schools. I have a desire to help lead this district with a strong work ethic, transparency, accountability and diligence.
There is disconnect between the community and the school district. I would like to encourage dialogue between parents, community members, school board members and administration. I would like to see parents and community members feel more involved, respected and heard in the activities and decisions made regarding our school district. This would assist in rebuilding a strong community relationship. I also feel that there needs to be more accessibility in a less constraining environment for the public to meet with board members. This would also give a level of transparency and trust within the community. These things are key to resolving some of the issues that arose during the emergency levy campaign in 2016 when the district was in need of strong support from our community
First and foremost, better lines of communication and transparency must be established. Secondly, financial stability for our district, which can be done without affecting our children’s education or the state report card. We have to be ready and able to find solutions and set in place objectives that preserve a commitment to our students, staff and values yet stay within a well thought out budget. Creating well rounded students with a strong academic background is the job of our public schools, but, as study after study has shown, this cannot be accomplished without the involvement of our parents and a caring community. This ideal will guide my decisions as a school board member.
Campaign Phone (513) 659-8160
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Education Bethel-Tate High School Grad 2000 Bachelor of Science; Occupational Therapy
Age 35
Family Husband: David Riddle Son: Nathan Riddle Daughter: Makenzie Riddle
Employer Clermont County Educational Service Center
Experience Occupational Therapist for 12 years
Bethel has always been my home. I graduated from Bethel-Tate in 2000 and moved back to raise my children. I consider myself a hardworking person and am from a hard working family. I know first hand the importance of having good community relationships, providing quality service to my community and having a strong faith. I have been working as an OT within Clermont County schools for the past seven years, thus giving me daily insight concerning the workings of a school system. I am one of the founding members and serve as an officer of our new Tiger PAWWS PTO within Bethel. I am involved and work hard in helping our district and children thrive. Overall, I have personal insight having been the child of a schoolteacher, a student of the Bethel-Tate school system, currently working within Clermont County schools, and lastly, I have two children attending the Bethel-Tate schools. My entire life has been and continues to revolve around the Bethel-Tate school system and my community.
• Responsibility through finance and funding. I would like to ensure that our money is being spent wisely while looking to the future. I would like to help find solutions concerning how we, as a district, are going to fight constant funding struggles, such as reductions, while continuing to provide quality education, retaining dedicated staff and continuing to build strong school/community involvement. • Setting school goals and objectives that match our district’s core values and making sure our goals are in line with our budget and the spending outlined.
• I would like to build relationships and quality respect within our schools and community, district wide. I would like to see hospitality, mutual respect and appreciation toward everyone. • Improvement with communication and transparency between the board, parents, and Bethel-Tate community. With improved communication we will build stronger relationships and thus, resulting in a stronger school system. • I would like to help in listening to community and parent concerns, as well as, responding to these concerns in a timely manner to assist with resolution. • Working as an accountable member of a team to develop and adopt policies that will continue to help our district and employees.
Campaign Phone (513) 739-8672
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Education Doctorate in Education from Miami University-Law and Finance, Masters and Bachelors from University of Dayton
Family Married-Nancy Shula, Son-William, Daughter-Laura, Son-Jonathan. All my children attended and graduated from Bethel-Tate High School with Honors.
Military Service Two years of ROTC
Employer Xavier University
Experience Professional Educator for 49 years. Have served as teacher, counselor, vocational coordinator, assistant principal, principal, superintendent of schools, graduate school professor (30 years), and consultant for Ohio School Boards Association. Past President of Bethel Lions Club. Past District Governor of Rotary International and Past President of the Cincinnati Rotary Club.
Have been fortunate to be a "lifetime educator." Had started my love for teaching in high school as President of the Future Teachers of America Organization. Then, in college served the 4000 Ohio Student Education Association members as their President. During my professional career have served as teacher, counselor, VOED coordinator, assistant principal, principal (public and parochial), Superintendent of Bethel-Tate Schools (11 years), graduate school professor and Ohio School Board Association consultant. My areas of expertise are leadership, collective bargaining, law, and finance.

Have served in leadership roles in the Lions Club, Rotary International, Catholic Inner-City Schools Finance Committee and Board, and Chair- Hamilton/Clermont County Superintendents Computer and Insurance Consortium.
1. Maintaining a fiscally sound school district for our community. Board and staff collaboratively monitoring expenditures and revenues and seek grants and aide. Qualifying for the graduation bonus and third grade reading bonus thus receiving additional state revenues. 2. Expanding the middle school curriculum to include more electives like foreign languages. 3. Completing the current three year plan to repair and improve facilities and grounds by utilizing the current emergency levy. 4. Improving the scores on the state report card by providing the schools the materials, supplies and staff development necessary to enhance the curriculum. 5. Supporting the K-12 PTO to more engage parents and the community in the schools and activities.
1. Maintaining a fiscally sound school district for our community. 2. Being welcoming by engaging the public in their schools. Developing a long range vision and strategic plan for our district, through a collaborative team inclusive of board, administration, staff, community and students. 3. Continuing to improve our school state report card through a quality and diverse curriculum. 4. Maintaining quality and safe buildings and grounds. logo


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