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TWO 4-year terms available.Vote for no more than TWO.
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    Sean Campbell Government Contracts Manager

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    Alex Lenko Procurement Professional

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    Bret Scott Senior Manager of Silicon Valley Future Technologies, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

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    Amanda Wahl Business Development

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Biographical Information

Please provide biographical information and explain why you are running for City office and relevant qualities and skills you would bring to the position.

What are the top 3 Priority Issues that the city should address and what actions would you take regarding each of them?

I grew up in Canton, MI with my mother a nurse, my father a police officer, and my sister. I graduated with a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering from Lawrence Tech in 2005 and earned by Juris Doctor from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law in 2014. I worked in engineering before and during law school and now work at GM as a Government Contracts Manager. My wife Megan and I met at LTU, were married in 2009 and lived in Royal Oak, Detroit, and Ferndale before purchasing our home on Sylvan Ave in 2010. We have a pug named Gatsby and are expecting our first child in early December.

I'm running for City Commission because I've been looking for ways to get involved since graduating from law school. After attending several city commission meetings and being part of an ordinance committee, I realized that being a City Commissioner would allow me to participate in Pleasant Ridge in a way that involves my skills and my interest. I've spent my career working in diverse groups, building concensus to solve problems and I think those skills would serve me well in city government.
Education, Environment,and Public Safety.

Education: I think that the PR city government has established a good relationship with the Ferndale school board and has done a good job communicating the district's activities to Pleasant Ridge residents. I would like to see that relationship continue and if elected, I would like to be the commission liaison to the school district.

Environment: the actions our city government has taken to reduce our carbon footprint while cutting costs have been great. I want to make sure that the city commission continues to gather ideas from residents about other ways Pleasant Ridge can go green and encourage city staff to seek out new opportunities to reduce waste, reduce water and energy usage, and increase recycling.

Public Safety: Managing police retirement funding is critical. I've seen how police pension issues harm cities and officers. I'm glad that our city government has made the tough, but fair retiree pension and health care plan decisions to improve the long-term financial health of our police department so that it's around for a long time.
Visit for details on priorities and background.
Visit for details on priorities and background.
About Bret:

• Current member of the Pleasant Ridge City Commission.

• Born in Pontiac and is a self-professed, proud Michigander.

• Business and engineering degrees from Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, MI.

• Over 30 years of automotive industry experience, specializing in problem solving, management, research, and globalization.

• Broad exposure to other regions, both professionally and personally.

• Past and present Board member of diversity teams at GM, Volkswagen and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

• Member of the Pleasant Ridge Investment Committee.

• Liaison to the Pleasant Ridge Historical Commission.

• Tinkerer, car nut, and techie…. Every board should have one to help get things done.

With the support of the community and a little bit of hard work, I would like the opportunity to use the experience I’ve gained serving on our City Commission, to meet the challenges we’ll see ahead, while preserving the things that have always made our city a pleasant place to live.
Reasoning for Running:

Let’s start with a simple fact. Pleasant Ridge is a wonderful community, one that I am proud to call my home. In large and small ways, we all contribute to make our city a reference model for neighboring communities.

Over the coming years, we will face challenges to keeping our city on the solid path that it is on. If re-elected, there are three priorities that I will continue to focus on:

• Actively contribute to budget and investment plans that cover current needs and prepare us for future expenses,

• Push for the steady maintenance of our city’s assets and infrastructure,

• Foster a city commission that is approachable and open to input, responsive to concerns, and cohesive.

Layered on top of these priorities are:

• The advocacy of forward-thinking services that improve recycling, energy management, and conservation,

• The evaluation of ideas that prepare us for the future, while being mindful of our history and character.

Thoughtful planning, consistent maintenance, and long-term strategies will help keep Pleasant Ridge on its solid footing.

I have lived in Pleasant Ridge for 16 years, and volunteered with various organizations for 10 years. My passion to make a difference is what drives me. I am running for city commission as this role will allow me to contribute to the city in a more comprehensive way. I consider this a privilege and would be honored should you choose me for this important position. These are the highlights of my accomplishments while volunteering in Pleasant Ridge: 10 years as a Pleasant Ridge Foundation Trustee and 5 years as Vice President Chairperson of the 2016 & 2017 Pleasant Ridge Auctions, raising over $100,000 to support and enhance our community 6 years on the city’s Recreation Commission Served on Gainsboro Park Redevelopment Committee

What do I do for a living? I have been in Business Development for most of my life. I currently work out of my home and promote patient engagement software in the medical industry. My background has taught me critical skills that I believe will be useful as a City Commissioner, such as: Listening Timely follow up Problem solving Tenacity
1. Ensure fiscal responsibility and maintain the programs and services that make the city unique. I will treat the cities resources with careful analysis and consideration and use them wisely.

2. Building community Community is at the heart of everything we do in Pleasant Ridge, I will work to educate residents on the different organizations and programs in the city so residents get involved where their interests lie.

3. Transparent Government I want to make sure that residents in the city have a voice and know the issues and proper channels to seek out. logo


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