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Pontiac City Council - District 6

ONE 4-year term available.Vote for no more than ONE.
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    Doris Taylor Burks Retired

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    William A. Carrington Data and Quality Manager, Adjunct Professor, School Board Trustee and Business Owner

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Please provide biographical information and explain why you are running for City office and relevant qualities and skills you would bring to the position.

What are the top 3 Priority Issues that the city should address and what actions would you take regarding each of them?

I serve on the Oakland County Senior Advisory Board, representing the city of Pontiac.Founder of the Metro Minority Chamber of Commerce,Founder and CEO of the Taylor Scholarship Fund,(22 Years) The only female to help to re-write the Charter that that the city serve's under presently. Retired from GM Truck Group, where I was the first and only female to work in the Reliability Lab Skill Trades as a Group Leader. I am also a Notary , where I serve clients no charge. I am a member of the Trinity Baptist Church, where I serve on the Jail Ministry and serve as a Mentor for young ladies ages 16 to 18. I am running for re-election, because I have lived in the City for most of my life and have lived in my home for 32 years. I have been involved in the city for over forty years, working with young people and other elected officials. Being a member of Michigan League and holding an office , has allowed to much info for the betterment of the City.
1. Streets need fixing,2. Bring back Parks and Recreation Department. Bring DPW back in house. I will work very hard to make sure that these three thing get done for the benefit of our city and the citizens that live here.
My name is William A. Carrington candidate for the Pontiac Council 6th district. I have obtained two associate degrees from Charles Stewart Mott (Business Management and General Business); Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration-Spring Arbor University; Master's Degree in Public Administration-University of Michigan-Flint and Master's Degree in Sociology-Wayne State University. President of WeCare Neighborhood Association (501c3), situated in the 6th district.

I am running because Pontiac is an extraordinary city that need leaders that know how to listen and serve!

In 2014, I was elected to the Pontiac School Board where I have been instrumental in working with District Administration to reduce the district deficit from 39 million to 24 million. In 2015, I organized WeCare Movement ballot committee and was able to pass two critical millages that were desperately needed to provide a safe and positive learning environment for our children.

My knowledge base is extensive: Financial and Budget, Writing and Research, Crisis Management and Problem Solving, and Management skills.
Priority 1. Making our city, the city to live in and do business in! a. Promote the concept of one-stop shop that focuses on new businesses, retention and expansion. b. Work aggressively to ensure that companies are good corporate citizens by negotiating for the hiring and training of Pontiac citizens. c. Promote home ownership, and d). Work collectively with all branches of government to ensure economic growth and stability in the city of Pontiac.

Priority 2. Making our neighborhoods GEMS! a. Promote policies that will encourage small businesses to set-up shop in our neighborhoods, to provide affordable goods and services as well as provide jobs directly to those neighborhoods. b. Promote volunteerism to assist in the revitalization of our neighborhoods so that residents are involved in their own growth. c. Promote clean neighborhood campaigns.

Priority 3. Making our Youth a priority and caring for our Seniors! a. Support a short-term and long-term plan to rebuild our youth and recreation centers. b. Work collectively with community groups to stay connected with our seniors. logo


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