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Rochester Hills City Council - District 2

Candidate UNOPPOSED on ballot. ONE 4-year term available.Vote for no more than ONE.
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    Jim Kubicina City Councilman & Retired Senior Engineer

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Please provide biographical information and explain why you are running for City office and relevant qualities and skills you would bring to the position.

What are the top 3 Priority Issues that the city should address and what actions would you take regarding each of them?

I retired from Delphi Corporation in January after 40 years as an Industrial engineer, and have held several different management positions in manufacturing, engineering and quality control. I want to give back my time and passion to the community that helped me raise my family. As a 29-year resident of Rochester Hills, I am committed to seeing the community I love continue to grow and thrive. I am seeking re-election so that I may continue assisting residents with their needs and concerns. I started doing community service in 1988 as a coach for his children's various sports teams. Over the years, I have coached more than 30 teams covering all sports for both boys and girls. Over the past 2 years, as a city councilman, I have demonstrated a proven track record by serving on the following committees: Older Persons Commission, RARA Board, Liquor Licensing Board, Rochester Area Youth Assistance, Advisory Traffic & Safety Board, Riverbend Naming Committee, Strategic Planning & Policy Review, Pine Trace Committee, Sister City Committee (Auburn Hills), and Trailways Commission.
1. Fiscal Policy, such as taxes, budgets and providing services. At Rochester Hills, we work on a 3-year budget and have expanded our thinking out to 7-year budget. We have not yet recovered our peak property tax revenue figure from 2008, yet we keep growing our fund balance and have money available for improvements to our infrastructure, roads and utilities. I strongly believe in a conservative fiscal policy in order to keep taxes low.

2. Public Safety, I strongly support our police and fire departments. I have done ride a-longs with both organizations in order to get a better feel for what they do. I want them to always have the best equipment available so they can perform their jobs to the highest possible level.

3. Listening to Residents, I have demonstrated a willingness to always listen to residents to see if I can assist them in any way to resolve their questions and concerns. I try to make myself available to as many functions as possible. When a resident calls with a concern I try to go out and visit them in person, so that I get a complete understanding of the issue logo


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