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Royal Oak Mayor

ONE 2-year term available.Vote for no more than ONE.
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    Michael Fournier Business Management, Sales & Development

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    Mike D. Skinner Entrepreneur

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Biographical Information

Please provide biographical information and explain why you are running for City office and relevant qualities and skills you would bring to the position.

What are the top 3 Priority Issues that the city should address and what actions would you take regarding each of them?

I was first elected in 2011 and have been Mayor since 2016. I’m an MSU graduate and earned my MBA from the University of Notre Dame. My wife and I have three children who attend Keller Elementary and we belong to St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

Qualities and Skills:

Listens to Residents: Whether at church, school, talking to business owners, meeting with neighborhood associations or civic clubs, or just chatting with folks on the street, I am dedicated to listening and responding to residents’ concerns and suggestions. This has, and will continue to inform every decision I make.

Gets Results: When I first ran for office I promised to balance our budget, resolve our long-term pension liabilities, grow property values, attract new jobs & investment and improve services. We have done just that.

Experienced: I have 6 years on the commission (also served on the Planning Commission, Library Board, and Parks & Rec Board) and 20 years of professional finance, budgeting and business development experience. I’m honored to use the skills I’ve developed over my career for the benefit of us all.
We need to maintain strong financial stewardship including closing out our legacy retirement costs, growing property values & multi-year budgeting which allows us to invest in our future. I am committed to building a healthy, vibrant & strong Royal Oak for current & future generations. As Mayor, I will:

Keep Royal Oak safe

• Keep our police, fire and EMS services strong

• Expand community-based policing initiatives

• Build new police station to improve efficiency

Protect our thriving neighborhoods

• Hold developers & landlords accountable

• Design an aging-in-place plan for our city so seniors can live independently in our neighborhoods as long as they like

• Plant more trees, increase investments in our parks & develop splash pad for our youth

Improve core city services

• Complete road repairs ahead of schedule & under budget

• Increase recycling efforts across the city

• Advance green storm water management plans to keep water out of our basements

• Enhance senior services, including senior transportation & investing in programs that help seniors afford home repairs
I have lived in Royal Oak for over 50 years. Beyond being a concerned citizen I started and grew my first business in Royal Oak from to a company that employed 120 people in the technology industry. Since that time I have run multiple technology companies and food businesses. Currently today I have started Oakland Urban Growers a company that is producing local herbs, garnishing and spices for local Restaurants and Produce companies.

Personally, I am engaged, have two children from my first wife (deceased) and have three Stepchildren with my best friend Joyce. I was "man of the year " for Leukemia of Southeast Michigan, sat on boards for my local schools and have been involved with many of my churches activity.

My background in working with people, finance, budgets and most important people will make me a great candidate for Mayor.

1) Bring new voices to Royal Oak, for the last 12-16 years there has been the same group of people running the city and we need to have conversations that listen to other voices. Create open forums or town halls to openly discuss major city initiatives. Like the Farmers Market, Sidewalks, and Public works projects.

2) Manage the city's finances in a manner that is more conservative. The city has and continues to take on a large amount of debt that is not helping the citizens putting the city a precarious position in the future. This includes ensuring that major contracts are not given to contractors without a fair and transparent bidding process.

3) Use technology to improve city services and businesses services while reducing costs. This would including Parking, Public Services, Public complaints, and concerns. logo


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