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THREE 4-year terms (three highest vote totals) and ONE 2-year term (fourth highest total).Vote for no more than FOUR.
  • John S. Burmeister Fire Inspector and small business owner

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    Trina Rena Burrell (Write-In) Client Services Coordinator

  • Eugene Hawkins III (Write-In)

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    Bob Kittle Small Business Owner

  • Henry V. Knight

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    Ronald Moniz (Write-In) Small Business Owner

  • Gregory M Ouellette (Write-In)

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Please provide biographical information and explain why you are running for City office and relevant qualities and skills you would bring to the position.

What are the top 3 Priority Issues that the city should address and what actions would you take regarding each of them?

I am a lifelong resident of Auburn Hills (56 years), I retired as the fire chief of Auburn Hills in 2012 after serving the City for 30 years with the fire department and continued my service with the City when elected to City Council in 2013. Currently I work part time for the Rochester Fire Department in the prevention division and am a small business owner. I have been an active member with the Senior Home Repair Program (SHARP) since its inception and a past member of the Auburn Hills Firefighter Helping Hands. I have served on the Public Safety Advisory Committee, the Tax Incentive Review Committee and currently I am serving on the Planning Commission. With my history in emergency services, my volunteerism and the time I have lived in the city I can provide a true voice of the people.
Fiscal responsibility, continue to look 5 years ahead on the revenue stream compared to projected expenditures and seek ways to ease the financial pressure on taxpayers for necessary projects.

Maintaining strong emergency services and public works by continually evaluating practices that are used and their effectiveness

The current condition of roads and infrastructure are fine right now but improvements will be needed in the near future. The forecasted budget would struggle to make the improvements needed, significantly dropping our reserves. I will continually look and support alternative funding as not to create a financial burden to our residents.

I am an alumnus of Avondale School district from middle school through high school. I have an Associate’s Degree from Oakland Community College’s Auburn Hills Campus and a Bachelor of Science Degree from Central Michigan University’s satellite campus. I have strong roots within the city of Auburn Hills. I currently serve as Chairperson on the Zoning Board of Appeals. I am also an active member of Avondale Youth Assistance serving as a co-chairperson on the Oakland Mentor Plus Committee.

The skills I bring are leadership, working with diverse demographics through my experience as a social worker. I am an advocate for the people of all demographics. I will work to keep Auburn Hills a city of Integrity and fairness for all of its citizens.

I have served as a volunteer and officer of the following organizations: United States Army Family Readiness – Chairperson Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency (OLHSA) Parent Policy Council – Chairperson BBDO Worldwide March of Dimes Fundraising Committee – Co-chairperson Ascend Foundation Annual Feed the Homeless event - volunteer

Our economy is moving back into a trend of skill trades and health care workers. My goal is to work with businesses, colleges, universities and trade schools to provide quality programs and internships for high school students similar to a co-op program with our high school students. I also intend to work with our Life Skills programs for exceptional learners to empower them skills and abilities to become a part of the workforce or entrepreneurship.

Continue the trend of cultural, social and economic diversity by creating and implementing strategies to attract citizens of all social and economic backgrounds from all ages and backgrounds.

Work with our police and fire personnel exploring innovative safety tools/resources that will allow them to continue to provide outstanding service and safe environments to our citizens.

I've been serving the City of Auburn Hills since 2002 and am now growing into somewhat of the historian on city council. Almost since the beginning, I was recognized for fiscal awareness. After being vetted by the Michigan Department of Treasury in 2009 as a Local Government Financial Advisor, my understanding of municipal finance and operations have grown tremendously. Basically, my role on Auburn Hills City Council balances the team, with engineers, homemakers, a former police officer and fire chief filling the other seats. One can always count on me to interject whether we can afford it or not, and what the down stream implications may be. Since I am a local government turn-around expert by profession, I live by the mantra of, "If you can't afford it you can't have it" and asking the voters to pay more in taxes is not acceptable. I believe the job of government is to deliver critical services and maintain infrastructure and to get out of the social and entertainment businesses that can be better performed by the private sector.
1. Long-term fiscal sustainability. Every dollar spent or saved today is $5 in five years. We have to do a better job of anticipating where we will be in 5, 10 or 20 years, especially since our infrastructure is reaching the point where substantial money will need to be reinvested in it. If it came down to a decision on whether we should have a fireworks display or running water, I would vote to cut the fireworks in order to save enough money to fix the pipes versus charging more for water. Obviously the cost of fireworks won't pay for a water main, alone, but hopefully you get the idea.

2. The Shift in Age Demographics. The tail end of the boomer population has another 12 years to go, which will increase the demand for services. At the same time the millennial population, even bigger than the boomers, are hitting the market. From a planning perspective, it is critical the city looks at all angles to best serve the community from both sides.

3. Balanced representation on Council Our council will be changing over soon. We need to leave things in a great place for the next-gen.
I have been a resident of Auburn Hills for the last 28 years. I have been married for over 20 years, with 3 children. I moved here from the East Coast in 1989 and started working with the Auburn Hills Fire Department as a paid on call firefighter in 1990. I quickly moved up with in the ranks and eventually became the District Chief for Station 3 in the North end of the City and retired in 2010 after 20 years. I started a small landscaping business in 1996 and continue to thrive in this business. I was hired into the Department of Public Services in 1995 and retired after 16 years so i could focus full time on my landscaping business. I have spent many years working within the City and I know I have the knowledge, and confidence to help my fellow elected officials make the right decisions to keep this great City moving forward with new and innovative ideas based on my experience as a retired City employee and longtime resident. I was the project coordinator for the Nationally Award winning Bloomfield Orchards sump pump project with a 2.5 million dollar budget that i coordinated.
If i were elected to office, my top 3 priorities would be Public Safety, Senior Citizen and Youth Program Services, and the infrastructure of our underground utilities and roads. Our safety and security would be my number one priority that includes the the Police and Fire Department. I would ensure that they both have the necessary equipment, tools, and manpower that they need on a daily basis, by encouraging this Council to spend what we need to, to keep this City Safe and Secure. Our Senior Citizens and Youth Program Services are very important to me. The Seniors are the ones that helped make this City what it is today, and our youth, will continue to make this City great in the future. We must continue the Award winning services that we have provided to this date, and must ensure that they also have the support of this Council. Everyone forgets about our infrastructure that is underground that includes, water mains, sewer lines and other various utilities that are underground, until something happens. We must be proactive rather then reactive in this field including our roads.


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