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The Mt. Pleasant City Commission consists of seven citizens elected at large for staggered three-year terms. Candidates for the City Commission must reside within the city limits. City Commission duties and responsibilities are set forth in the City Charter. The City Commission elects the Mayor and Vice Mayor from among its members at the first meeting each January.VOTE FOR TWO

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Expand on an issue(s) of importance to you and list your priorities should you be elected.

Are you satisfied with rental housing within the city? Do you think there are enough units that satisfy the needs of young families and older adults? Is there a way to encourage landlords to serve this market?

Concerts, family activities, new businesses are drawing people to the downtown area. What ideas do you have for attracting more businesses and more shoppers to Mt Pleasant's downtown?

What, if any, steps should the city take to support the efforts of local churches and businesses to provide services for Mt Pleasant's homeless population?

What is your opinion of "sustainable cities"? (cities designed with consideration of environmental impact, i.e., meeting the needs of the present without compromising needs of future generations. The concept involves minimization of required inputs of energy, water and food, and waste output of heat, air pollution- CO2, methane, and water pollution.")

What would you do to improve the city's relationship with the student population? How would you encourage student participation in local government?

How can the city and university work together to keep our downtown and our neighborhoods viable and safe for all who live in our community? logo


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