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Virginia House District 27

Duties - The House of Delegates, with the Senate, has legislative power to enact laws. The House of Delegates has 100 members who are elected from separate districts.Term - 2 yearsSalary - $17,640
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    Larry V. Barnett (Dem) Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Roxann L. Robinson (Rep)

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What are the most important changes needed in Virginia to ensure election integrity and voting access for all qualified Virginians?

How would you promote health care coverage--physical and behavioral--that is adequate, affordable, and accessible for all Virginians?

In the Richmond region a police officer or nurse must spend over 30% of their income to rent the average home. What policy initiatives or investments would you support to meet housing challenges for working families in the region?

Two additional states are needed to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Will you vote yes or no on a resolution in the General Assembly to ratify the E.R.A.?

What is your position on rail transportation in Virginia?

What are your legislative priorities?

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We need to bring an end to gerrymandering in Virginia. This undermines our democracy, enabling politicians to pick their voters, rather than letting voters choose their representatives. As a member of One Virginia 2021, I have taken a pledge to fight against gerrymandering. Virginia has a long tradition of voter suppression, creating obstacles to voting rather than encouraging full participation in the democratic process. I will fight against every effort to suppress voter turnout.
Access to healthcare is an issue that is important to the voters in this district and around the Commonwealth. Currently over 700,000 Virginians can't access affordable care, and I will work to expand coverage to as many people as possible. As a next step, I support Medicaid expansion. This will bring coverage to over 400,000 Virginians. States that have expanded healthcare coverage have better health outcomes, and an economic boom from the addition of healthcare jobs - over 15,000 in VA.
Good jobs and access to affordable housing are two key concerns for most people. Our communities all benefit when we have investment and planning decisions that consider the importance of affordable housing with proximity to employment, enabling workers to live and work close to their jobs.
I will vote yes on a resolution to finally ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.
It is important to look at the cost, how much it will burden the taxpayers, and the impact on people in this region. Connecting the major urban centers through a high speed rail system has many potential benefits: reducing congestion on Interstate 95, providing another option to cars and planes, sharing economic growth with less affluent residents, and enabling commuters to rapidly travel between urban hubs. It is drawing serious thought and analysis and should be considered for future planning.
My top priority is securing affordable healthcare for all Virginians. Medicaid expansion is the next step forward, bringing coverage to over 400,000 people. Secondly, I will support investing in our public education system. Diverting public funds from our schools, as some have proposed, does not do this. Third, I will fight to end gerrymandering to give Virginians a fair way to elect their officials. Finally, I will fight for the families who struggle with mental illness and addiction.
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