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Madison Borough Council

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    Ronald C Hendrickson (Rep) research scientist

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    John F. Hoover (Dem) Retired. Former Project manager and trainer.

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    Denis W. Schreiber (Rep) Retired

  • Carmela Vitale (Dem) Sales Realtor

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What do you consider the most important challenge(s) facing your town and how would plan to address it/them?

What in you personal and/or professional experience prepares you for this office?

Given the strong majority on the council (5, 1) there is a lack of healthy debate on issues. Denis and I will establish a balanced and transparent council, and ensure a rigorous and thorough discussion in closed and open door council session so that Denis, Ron and other members of the council, as a team, make the best decision that effect all residents.

Denis and I have laid out or vision for a Madison Community STEM program, innovative ideas to revitalize the downtown yet retain the character and open space that brought us here in the first place.

We will work to help all business thrive, and in particular, to revitalize the Historic Downtown so that we have a diverse and vibrant economy. There are simple things we would do to make sure this happens, such as providing sufficient funding the for Department of Public Works to keep up the weeding and cleaning of the pavers in the historic downtown.

To attract restaurants into existing downtown spaces, Madison needs to create a streamlined and simple way for a building owner or restaurant entrepreneur to modify a structure to comply with state health requirements. If one wants to add a bathroom not accessible through the kitchen to comply with State Health Regulations, then we need to make the task simple, inexpensive, and cut the red tape!

We will work to ensure development is intentional, sustainable and maintains the character of Madison that we all enjoy. (find more about our campaign at
My wife Jennifer and I moved to Madison in 2003 to raise our four children. We are from Seattle, lived in Europe and selected to make Madison our hometown almost 15 years ago. We have thoroughly enjoyed our neighborhood in Madison benefitting from the downtown community, the library, the recreational sports programs, and the rich cultural exchange with our neighboring universities.

Regarding my qualifications and the specific skills I bring to the table: I am not a politician, and in today’s climate I think that is a good thing. I have a B.S in Chemistry from the University of Washington and a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Virginia. I was head of proteomics for Merck research Labs where I was responsible and accountable for a multi-million dollar research budget. My budgeting skills are solid and leadership and complex problem solving skills are strong. I work for Sloan Kettering in New York City. I collaborate with other experts from multiple disciplines in the fight to cure cancer. As a trained scientist, my work requires me to see the big picture as well as have a firm grasp on the details and uncover the specifics that are important.

On the town council, I would bring balance and transparency, ensure a rigorous and through discussion occurs so that myself, Denis, and other members of the council as a team make the best that effect all residents.

I respectively ask for your vote on Nov 7th for the team of Hendrickson and Schreiber.
Current Elected Position None.
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Stimulate healty growth through a balanced, solution driven revitalization plan, commit to Open Space funding that protects what makes Madison unique by preserving open space and our historic public buildings.Commit to equitable borough housingfor seniors, children, borough employees knowing that diversity of incomes, ages, and backgrounds strengthens the whole community.

Continue to invest in Madison's infrastructure on a sustainable pat-as-you-go basis.

Celebrate Madison as a Welconing Community. The safety and health of residents is my priority.

Expand regional cooperation (shared services) to reduce costs and improve performance for all concerned and encourage collaborative action.

Increase awareness, [frevention asnd education of mental health and substance abuse so Madison will continue to be a Stgma Free Town.
In my professional experience, I am a Certified Project Manager who has managed large projects all around the world improving productivity, quality of service delivery, while incresaing revenue and decreasing expenses.I have a MBA in Marketing and Finance, with an undergraduate degree in Economics..

Since my retirement I have volunteered extensively on boards, commissions, and committees in the Borough of Madison getting to know the people and intricacies of municipal government and deliuvering serivices to all Madison residents.
Current Elected Position None
First, Ron Hendrickson and I will establish a balanced and transparent council and ensure a rigorous and through discussion in closed door and open door council sessions. Second, we both are fiscal conservatives and believe in sustainable development. We will work to make choices to keep taxes and fees in check, and will work to ensure the decision made today are on the right path to keep Madison affordable. Third, we will work to help all business thrive and in particular to revitalize the Historic Downtown so that we have a diverse and vibrant economy. We will also strive to increase visitor traffic through an innovative approach to bring the increasing number of office workers along the Park Avenue corridor into town. And we will tackle the parking issues. Fourth, our STEM community initiative is an inexpensive way the town can support our local schools and foster collaboration with the local universities, the public library and the students (young, old and in between) to learn about and participate in new and innovative technologies such as 3D printing, robotics, and artificial intelligence. We are also listening to the concerns of residents, many of whom are worried about the threat of overdevelopment. By being on the Council we will be able to have more influence in the “advise and consent” process. We are concerned about the Welcoming Community Resolution. Its passage was unnecessary and poorly executed. We will demand an open and well-publicized debate on this issue.
I’m Denis Schreiber and have been a resident of Madison for over 28 years. I am proud to call Madison home. I worked in the financial services industry in both the banking and the securities fields. I had hiring/firing and team building responsibilities. Ron Hendrickson and I are newcomers and outsiders to local politics, no doubt about it. But we have spent a considerable amount of time attending Borough Council meetings this year becoming familiar with the issues and challenges facing Madison. We have also spent a great deal of time getting to know what is important to our fellow residents concerning the town. I am a newcomer to local governance, and I believe this enables me to challenge the status quo; I have no special interests that I’m attached to, and I will bring fresh perspective and balance to a council that is too one-sided, which overwhelmingly votes in unison (with the exception of the one Republican Council member) and has gotten too comfortable and complacent in its majority position and too slow to move to action. I will bring fiscal conservatism, a sense of fairness, character and commitment to doing the right things for Madison. And most important, I will bring a sense of urgency to address our challenges. I am concerned, dedicated, focused and energized. I have a reputation for being tough, but fair in negotiating, wanting to make sure all parties leave the table, not necessarily happy, but satisfied. I will bring these traits to the Council.
Current Elected Position Council President Madison Borough Council
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33 myrtle ave

Since the middle of July we have canvassed 11 out of 14 districts in Madison. We have knocked on every door regardless of political affiliation. Our intention was two fold, to reintroduce ourselves to the residents and to ask a very important question "Do you have any special concerns about what is happening in Madison and would you share those concerns with us" Many of the residents are concerned about the viability of the downtown. So when a new Director Manager of the Downtown is hired the Mayor and Council will work with that person to insure the Historic nature of the downtown remains intact and we become more business friendly. We need to make sure that the committees like the DDC and Madison Chamber have input to insure that we remain business friendly. During the past year this Council made some good decisions to insure our technology is upgraded, our roads are paved and the infrastructure under the road surface is upgraded. I want to make sure that we stay on task and continue the 5 year capital plan which was put into place last year . That takes a well thought out budget and a pay as you go commitment.

My commitment as an elected official is to always listen to the concerns of the residents and respond to those concerns from the youngsters having enough ball fields to the seniors who made Madison the wonderful town it is today.
My background consists of several areas of expertise that I found useful as a sitting Council member in my decision making process. I started out as a volunteer at my children's school as a PTA member. I was very active on many of the committees and it gave me great insight to the school system. I soon became interested in the political campaigns of friends and served as a Municipal County Committee person for many years. There I gained insight to our municipal government. My professional career as a Realtor has helped me understand the economics of the town and the importance of a good school system and a viable downtown. I was later appointed to the Planning Board and held that position for a few years. Later I was elected as Chair of the Downtown Development Commission just prior to being elected to my first term as a Council Member. I was vice Chair of Madison Affordable Housing Corporation and Chair of the Senior Citizen Advisory Committee. My interaction of just the above mentioned committees and their volunteers has given me great insight to what are the needs and concerns of residents. As a sitting council member I am liaison to many committees and Borough Departments which has enhanced my knowledge of issues. All the above experiences has helped me in my volunteer work to serve Madison residents

So in closing I think my interaction with many people over the years has given me the ability to know what is important to the residents of Madison. I logo


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