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The Peapack-Gladstone Borough Council is composed of seven part-time members consisting of the Mayor and six Councilpersons. The two individuals elected for the Borough Council each serve a three-year term.
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    Amy Dietrich (Dem) Human Resources Director

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    Alice "Lisa" Saunders (Rep) SMALL BUSINESS OWNER & HOMEMAKER

  • Royal Smith (Rep) Retired engineer

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What do you consider the most important challenges facing Peapack-Gladstone? What personal and professional experiences have prepared you for addressing these challenges? Lastly, how do you intend that the Peapack-Gladstone Borough Council will address these challenges?

What, if any, new proposals for local ordinances and/or resolutions do you think are needed, and please explain why you believe this is so.

A municipality has two budgets - the annual operating budget and a capital budget. What are your priorities for each of these budgets? Please specifically address whether the Peapack-Gladstone Council 2015 goals are goals you think are properly identified as priorities.

Qualifications/Experience An 11-year resident of Peapack and Gladstone, Amy Dietrich’s community engagement began early as an active volunteer in borough committees, including the Recreation Commission, Historic Preservation Committee, and the Open Space Advisory Committee. With a history of positive working partnerships with the current Peapack-Gladstone Council and trusted relationships throughout Peapack and Gladstone, Ms. Dietrich is committed to communicating openly with residents to gain support for her vision for the future of the Borough.
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I am running to support one of the challenges of our community and of many others in NJ, which is to offer leadership that will take us into the future. I have experience within several Peapack-Gladstone municipal committees that are ideal for me to transition into a leadership role on Council. I want to be a role model for others in my generation to do the same so that Peapack-Gladstone can be confident and secure in its place in the future.
I was involved in a recent ordinance that opened up use of our recreational spaces for all ages. In a blended, multi-generational community like Peapack-Gladstone, we need to embrace the opportunity to stay active and engaged, whether it's clear walking paths or space for organized sports. Offering greater use of the recreational facilities will allow residents to find more value in the quality of living in Peapack-Gladstone and make it a destination to live and stay. Also in discussion is planning of our town park, which requires much-needed renovations.
I have confidence that our current Council is working hard to keep taxes low and I want to be part of those discussions to weigh in on financial decisions for the long-term, such as shared services and innovations of improved operations.
Campaign Address PO BOX 171 PEAPACK, NJ 07977
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Taxes and spending. I commend the present Council for their efforts and success in controlling spending, and keeping Peapack Gladstone affordable. It is important to to be committed to and continue these efforts. It is becoming increasingly difficult to live in our beautiful state because of the high cost of living. As a borough, we are constantly fighting rising costs. It will be a challenge to make sure we avoid inefficiency and waste, while at the same time offering amenities and maintaining a quality lifestyle for members of the community. Conserving and preserving the beautiful characteristics and the environment of our community. Included would be everything from increasing our walking trails to managing the Affordable Housing mandate. I am an entrepreneur. I have owned small businesses. I had to create business plans, and budgets, while managing people; products and obstacles! I have been on several boards, mostly non-profit organizations . These include: The Land Use Board of Peapack-Gladstone; Market Street Mission; Magnalube Inc.; Far Hills Country Day School; The Philharmonic Orchestra, NJ; Somerset Hills CC; Garden Club of Somerset Hills. I am a native of the area. I will take a comprehensive approach with fiscal discipline while evaluating services that provide the highest quality of life for our residents. Balancing of capital provides a continued devotion to paying close attention to budgetary planning.We must continually evaluate shared services, and pursue opportunities for shared services where they are in the taxpayer’s best interests. The shared court and the sewer are good examples of how the current council achieved savings while providing quality service. I will seek the thoughts, concerns, and visions of the residents. I will also look to the Master Plan. Regarding conservation and preservation, I want to continue maintaining and improving our public lands, while adding to conserved land and open space, when fiscally prudent.
I am studying our existing ordinances and resolutions. I think the recent ordinance regarding the upkeep and management of rental properties was excellent. It not only helps to ensure the best living conditions for the renters, but for neighboring property owners to have the assurance that property value will be respected and protected. A property maintenance ordinance is also being considered presently by the Council which I believe to be important not only in maintaining the esthetics and value of our Borough, but in preventing abuses of the building code.
TWO BUDGETS-THE ANNUAL OPERATING BUDGET AND A The best way to address budgeting is communication, vision and planning. Understanding and using budgetary forecasting tools makes for better long term planning and financial decision making. In the long run, good planning and solid forecasting can improve efficiency and save the taxpayer money. Developing and ensuring a sound fiscal and capitol budget requires effective leadership and the cooperation of Municipal departments. The present Council has been committed to lowering debt and rebuilding the capital improvement fund, and I want to continue to support those efforts. I will keep the Annual operating budget within the State mandated caps, and in regards to the Capital budget, I would like to maintain an adequate balance in order to replace equipment and maintain property without going into debt.
Qualifications/Experience Retired from ExxonMobil Corporation with significant experience in engineering, finance and human resources on a global scale. BS Engineering and MBA. Approaching three years experience in borough council. Currently focused on human resource, municipal court, roadways and park issues.
Campaign Address 17 Sheephill Dr. Gladstone NJ 07934
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Website PG NJ Somerset GOP (Facebook)
Keeping taxes low is the greatest challenge facing our borough. Outside cost drivers, such as health insurance, legal fees and others must be managed such that our senior residents and families can continue to live in our borough without fear of inordinately rising property taxes. We must continue to assure the safety of our residents by supporting our first responders and improve the livability of this borough by preserving open spaces and parkland.
As a small borough, I'm always amazed that we have more than 1000 ordinances currently on the books. Having said this, we must be judicious in adding new laws. Finance related ordinances are of course necessary to continue borough operations. However new livability ordinance, such as noise, must be carefully thought out to assure that they fill a necessary role in improving our quality of life, and not just becoming burdensome.
Our goals of affordability, livability and safety are well thought out and balanced. We try to make due with less while improving service. Examples are the recent shared services agreement regarding municipal court and sewer service. Each provide excellent resident value for their tax dollars. Updating our borough park using dedicated open space fund in conjunction with a state grant is another example of such value. Retired or refinanced capital debt keeps our debt service low and translates into a lower tax burden. So yes, I do believe this borough council has properly identified priorities to serve our residents well. logo


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