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Westlake City Council, Ward 1

Term: 4 yearsSalary: $15,860 (2018)Lynda M. Appel, the incumbent and winner of the May primary, is being challenged by Duane Van Dyke, who came in second in May.
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    Lynda M. Appel Data Manager, Westlake City Schools

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    Duane Van Dyke Small business owner / Architect

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What should be done by the city regarding the ongoing deer problem? What is your personal view about handling the problem?

What is your opinion of Westlake's exploration of other water suppliers? What should be budgeted to handle related legal costs that could be incurred?

How should the city deal with increased traffic on Center Ridge Road because of the planned elementary school campus?

Does--or can--the city have any input on issues of parking and traffic flow within Crocker Park?

Age 55
Education B.A., Communications, University of Michigan
Residence municipality Westlake
Campaign Phone (440) 773-9157
The city does recognize that we do have a deer population issue. In the Spring of 2015, we had a representative from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources meet with us regarding our options. Based on information we learned at that meeting, we were able to pass an ordinance to prohibit residents from feeding the deer and an ordinance, co-authored by me, allowing us to start of our deer management program. Our Westlake safety forces have not only put the program together, they have successfully reduced the deer population in cooperation with the ODNR. These are small steps, we know that, but as always, we are thoughtful and duteous when we make a change. During the 16-17 season, we culled 50 deer, our limit. We are looking at increasing the culling program to reduce the amount of deer motor vehicle accidents and near-miss accidents city wide.
The plan to entertain multiple water suppliers is an effort to keep water costs down. The City of Cleveland has steadily increased water rates over the past 25 years. Westlake has a unique opportunity to seek alternative sources of fresh water to keep prices low and manageable.
The new Elementary school is an excellent example of collaboration between the school and the city. While traffic will be increased, it will only be at specific periods of time and for special events. The two parties agree that the goal is to get the traffic off of Center Ridge and for that reason, a 1.1 mile queue is part of the design. This queue can hold 300 vehicles at a time. There have also been conversations about an increased police presence initially to help enforce the pickup and drop off parameters. The school & city have also been in conversations with their future neighbors in an effort to be proactive and address concerns while still fine tuning the plans.
Crocker Park is a private shopping center. They are responsible for their own snow removal, trash pick up and security. Crocker Park development did go through the steps with the City’s Planning Commission who take into account anticipated traffic concerns. Crocker Park meets all recommended guidelines for managing traffic and streets. The city can review the traffic moving around Crocker Park, lights on Crocker Rd and Detroit Rd, but how it moves within Crocker Park is their responsibility.
Age 58
Education Bachelor's degree, Miami University
Residence municipality Westlake
Campaign Phone (440) 871-8831
The deer overpopulation needs to be addressed more aggressively, as evidenced by the number of deer we still see each day in all of our yards. This is an issue of traffic safety. The City, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Metroparks and our adjoining communities should increase the number of deer culled, and to deal with this issue as a region.
As I have said from the beginning of my campaign, I am in support of switching water suppliers ONLY if it is safe, reliable, and cost effective. As an architect, we deal with infrastructure issues on almost every project, and the key to making a decision is to get all the facts. I am not sure that all of the research into how the systems would be connected or the cost is known at this time. This will need to be known, with contingency costs included, before a decision can be made.
The City is widening a portion of Center Ridge Road in front of the school to provide for a turning lane. The school drive can hold approximately 300 cars, with the idea that this will keep cars from stacking on Center Ridge. The City is also adding a traffic signal at the entrance and exit drive that is opposite Glenmore Drive, and another traffic signal at Dover Center Road and Westown Boulevard (where the buses enter and exit). The City is also improving the intersection of Dover Center and Center Ridge.
Crocker Park is a new urbanism design that emphasizes the pedestrian. It is designed more around people than cars, which is what makes it a walkable "downtown" shopping/working/living experience. It is also private property, so the City has limited input at this point. One suggestion I would make to Croker Park is to not park display cars in parking spots, but keep these spaces open for shoppers. logo


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