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Richland Hills City Council, Place 4

City councils in Texas each have specific responsibilities unique to their city. Duties of a city council generally include setting the tax rate, approving a budget, adopting local ordinances, and managing land transactions. City councils plan and oversee public services and facilities: police and fire protection; health and sanitation services; animal control; street construction and maintenance; garbage collection and disposal; transportation systems; recreational facilities; parking; airports; jails; parks and zoos; libraries and museums; hospitals and emergency services; building codes/zoning; and water and sewage service. City council members may also elect other municipal officers or appoint citizens to serve on boards and commissions.
  • Javier Alvarez

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    Roland Goveas Business Owner

  • Lisa Lachance-Skier

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Why are you running for city council?

How does your background prepare you for this office?

How will you increase transparency in city government?

How will you balance city revenue with service needs?

What are the most critical issues facing the city council, and what solutions can you offer?

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Education Bachelors Degree in Business (commerce)
Occupation Owner of Synetics Computers Inc
I was on city council for 6 years. I would like to use this experience to expand on the progress the city has made for the last several years and follow through on the projects that were in the works when I left council.
As a resident and business owner in the city, I have a unique perspective on both fronts. I have worked hard to make this city business friendly. I will use my experience that I gained for the past 6 years to guide the city in moving forward.
Transparency in government is fundamental to good governance. During my term as council member, we began placing the Accounts Payable check register on the city website. All financial CAFR reports are placed on the website for citizens to view. We are constantly considering ways of being more transparent and will do what it takes to achieve that.
Resources are limited while wants are unlimited. We have several unfunded needs in our city. We currently have a growing tax base and would like to use that increase in funds judiciously. There will be an election coming up in the near future where citizens can vote on the use of half a cent sales tax to fund streets, parks and/or economic development.
Infrastructure upgrades are an immediate necessity. The sewer and water infrastructure is very old. We have failing clay pipes in our city. Staff has identified the troubled areas and are replacing them each year. Council has included additional funding in the budget to help with that. The streets are in desperate need of repairs. The reallocation of a portion of the half cent sales tax to streets will enable us to take on larger street repair and or replacement projects. .
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