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The Westland City Council consists of 7 members elected at large and is vested with all legislative powers of the city except for those prohibited by state law or the City Charter. Vote for four (4).
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    Debra Fowlkes Insurance Contract Administrator, Henry Ford Health System

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    Timothy Gilbert Professional Investigator

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    Tasha Green Small Business Owner

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    Jim Hart Director of Wireless Operations

  • Peter Herzberg Current City Council Member

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    Meriem Kadi Realtor & Assessing

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    Michael A. Kehrer Pruduction Manager

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    Michael Londeau Customer Development Manager at Pepsi Beverages

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Please provide biographical information and experience, and explain why you are running for this office.

What are the priority issues facing this office and what actions would you take to address them if elected?

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Education BS, English Literature and Language, Eastern Michigan Univ MHSA, Masters of Health Administration University of Detroit Mercy
I want to be a part of city government tasked with keeping this city on an even keel for the future. While we have a positive fund balance, we know that going forward this fund balance will not last unless we manage the city’s finances properly. I am running for our city council because I believe my education and experience can add value to the future of the city. I am a 30 year resident of the city and I am proud to call this city my home. I have worked in Health Care for over 25 years. I am currently employed with Henry Ford Health System as an Insurance Contract Administrator. I have served on the Wayne-Westland Community School Board, Police and Fire Civil Service Commission, Westland Youth Assistance Mentor and currently I am serving on the Planning Commission. This city needs leadership that is focused on the present but have a vision for the future for the city.
Continue to advocate for business and residential growth in the city. Develop the old city hall property for recreational or mixed use development. Work with the Police and Fire Departments to bring staffing levels up to the standards for a city of this size by exploring all means of revenue enhancement such as grants and subsidies from the federal government.
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As a young adult life I chose to serve our nation becoming a highly decorated United States Marine, locally as a law enforcement officer in the City of Detroit, and most recently a successful business owner right here in the City of Westland. I am now taking my love and compassion for the great city of Westland to the next level and immersing myself in the pursuit of public service to this great city. It is this motivation that leads me to dedicate my time to ensure the progress and enrichment of our City. My wife and two young adult children have all grown up in our city and graduated from John Glenn High School. This further inspires me to invest in our city to give back for all that we have received. It is my mission as a home and business owner in this community that I some day retire here and enjoy all of the accomplishments that we will reach together.
This is a great question as the normal response would be to increase taxes and or cut city services. Very few people can explain how to reach these goals without using these common approaches. My mission is to create a foundation today for the future of our great city. This foundation I refer to is one that requires us to embrace the very essence of Westland. It is to lead by example for our youth, and embrace and provide premium services for our elderly. I am currently in talks with the Michigan Building and Trades Commission on ways we can increase the level of our students’ education within the trades industry. My response and solution on how we will improve municipal services while reigning in on the current excessive taxes that we as citizens endure, is to develop a program affording our children to complete the buildings trades certification program.
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Education Over 17 years professional business experience, Real Estate Broker, Licensed Abatement Contractor, CPM, ARM, ACM, and COS.
I am an internationally accredited property manager, a licensed real estate broker, a licensed abatement contractor, and homeowner who has lived in Westland for more than 13 years. After successfully advocating for several issues like street lighting and better city services, I realized I could make a difference and help others on City Council. I believe that my experience as a small business owner and real estate professional will help me make a positive impact on the business and community development needs that Westland currently has.
As the next City Councilwoman, I look forward to serving the citizens of Westland with excellence. I will work to strengthen our economy by bringing businesses to our city, I will work with our law enforcement professionals and firefighters to keep our city safe, and I will do everything in my power to ensure Westland residents receive quality services from our Public Service department. I also look forward to developing more programs that enhance the quality of life for our local senior citizen community.
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Education Military - Basic Training, Telecommunications, and Primary Leadership Bachelors - Business Management PMP Certified
My name is Jim Hart and I am happily married to my wife, Linda, for 21 years. Together, we are raising three children here in Westland. After high school, I left to serve in the United States Army. I have a combined 15 years of service consisting of Active, National Guard, and Reserves. Ive also been very successful in my professional career and continue to grow the business in our market segment. I have been recently published in the Construction Association of Michigan Magazine, illustrating my ability and successes in helping Michigan grow. Im a well known community servant and proudly served as the President of the Westland Area Jaycees in 2015. I was nationally recognized as one of the top 10 chapter presidents in the United States that same year. I seek to lend my experiences, professionalism, and skill-set to the city of Westland and its residents as we embark on the road ahead.
While we as a city have survived the economic downturn in 2008, we need to ensure this success is not short lived. We need to reinvent ourselves and continue to adapt to the ever changing environment surrounding retail based business. Westland needs to be attractive to new business across all major industries. While politicians themselves cannot decide what businesses come to the city, we can create conditions that are attractive and work hand in hand to ensure that the choice to invest in our city is an easy one to make. It takes an experienced and innovative thinker to make this happen. Secondly, improved city services are a major concern. I have had the privilege thus far to speak with hundreds of residents at their door and I share their concerns. Enhanced services, robust Police and Fire departments, and an energized business climate are the keys to our continued future success.
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Education John Glenn High School Wayne State University Finance Major Michigan Municipal League Elected Officials Academy
I have served on the City Council for the last two years and have attended the annual budget meetings for the last eight years. I have decided to run for re-election because I believe I can continue to make a positive difference in our city as a Council Member. I have volunteered and spent countless hours working on behalf of organizations such as the Westland Festival Commiittee, Westland Veterans Association, and have raised money for numerous charitable causes.
Restoring services and Police staffing levels will be my top priority in the coming months. Also, we need to continue to attract new residents and business investment in our City.
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Education High School Grad, Some college, Real Estate License, Assessing Certification
My family moved to Westland in 1978 so I have been a longtime resident and very active in our Amazing City.My experience includes; Former City Council Woman, Planning Commissioner, Director on the Board of Realtors and currently on the Government Affairs Committee, Westland-Wayne Relay for Life Team Captain since 2000 and Lead Committee Member, and Friends of The Westland Library President. Why I want to serve as a City Council Woman is simple I want to continue helping our City improve so that it is a place where people continue to be proud to live and work
I want to continue focusing on New Businesses filling our buildings and encourage New Homeowners to move and stay in our community. Our Public Safety is always important and always want to grow and staying abreast of any grants available to those programs which we have utilized and working hard to keep our budget balanced is key Keeping up with the Market and how that is affecting our community is valuable. Working closely with the Administration to stay on top of anything that effects our Residents and Businesses will keep us a thriving community.
Campaign Phone (734) 718-3430
Campaign Email mkehrer13@gmail.
Education B.S. in Public Administration Certification in Local Government Fiscal Management
My family moved into Nankin Twp. (now the city of Westland) in 1914. I have been active in my community for 40 years. I have served on the Westland City council for more than a decade. We have managed to submit a balanced budget for the last 10 years during these tough economic times. I am running for office because I care about my community and I love my city.
There is always a lot of campaigning and talk about how people will grow services or hire more police and fire personnel if elected. If only they knew how tight municipal budgets are. The real fight is restoring full revenue sharing from the State of Michigan. Proposal A and Headlee Tax amendment handcuff local authorities on their ability to raise revenues and sustain growth.
Address PO Box 85752
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Education Graduate of Wayne-Westland Community Schools
I am a 38 year old, life-long Westland resident and current homeowner. For the past 12 years, I’ve worked for Pepsi. Currently, I’m a Customer Development Manager, where I focus on the development and growth of existing and new business client relationships – directly focused on independent restaurants in Metro Detroit.

I’m running for Westland City Council because I know I have the interpersonal skills and consensus building abilities to help City Council to come together to better serve Westland. All too often, divisions between Council members hinder Council’s ability to find common ground and solutions to the problems facing Westland.

I also currently serve as the Chairman of the Westland Downtown Development Authority, leading an 11 member board which has a budget of approximately $2 million. I am also a member of the Westland Master Plan Steering Committee.
Broadly speaking, I have three main priorities. The first is to ensure our public services departments—including our police, fire, and EMS—have the resources and personnel they need. These services represent core functions of government, and they must be our priority.

Second, we need to upgrade and improve our aging roads and infrastructure. This will create jobs in the short term and long term. Infrastructure upgrades are needed across the region. As a result, there are opportunities to collaborate with neighboring communities, and we should not overlook such collaborative efforts. We must also work with County, State, and Federal officials to address these needs.

Lastly, Council, the Mayor, and the Administration need to work together to draw new businesses and opportunities to Westland, whether through the redevelopment of existing buildings or through new construction. logo


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