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Allen County County ESC Member - Term Commences 01/01/18 - Vote for no more than 3

The Educational Service Center (ESC) consists of 5 members elected from the county and are the governing body of the educational service center. ESC Board Members set educational goals and establish policy for the service center based upon state laws and community values. Their most important function Is to employ a superintendent and treasurer and hold them responsible for providing services to their member school districts.
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    James D. Cooper Retired School Administrator

  • Mike Estes Education

  • David E. Mayer Vocational teacher and administrator, Farmer

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    Jo A. McConnell Teacher

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How can the services you provide to the local school districts be maintained or improved if funding from the state is decreased?

Current Occupation Retired
Education B.S. Ohio State University, M.S. Ohio State University, M.S. University of Dayton
Training & Experience 40 Years in Education-teaching and school administration
(419) 999-3812
The services of the Allen County Educational Services Center provided to the local schools are extremely important. There is an economy of scale to the schools working together through the ESC. When there is excess cost, the cost is billed back to the local schools. This allows for each school to pay for only the services the school needs, and the ESC hires the personnel to meet the needs of the school. This system allows the local schools to have access to services that the school could not afford individually. Even with the state cut backs, the ESC will be able to maintain its level of service.
Current Occupation Superintendent, Crestview Local Schools
Education Bachelor of Science in Education with majors in History and Political Science from Ohio Northern University Master of Science in Education from the University of Dayton
Training & Experience 10 years as a teacher, coach, advisor, 2 years as an assistant high school principal, 14 years as a middle school principal, and 16 years as a superintendent
A board of education has a limited range of responsibilities. It must employ a superintendent. It must employ a treasurer. It sets policy for the district it serves. Beyond that scope, board members are limited to an advisory role.

If elected, I will use my forty-two years of experience in public education to make responsible decisions. I was a principal for sixteen years and a superintendent for sixteen years. I have worked with districts through good financial times and times when finances were challenging. If my opinion is sought, I would be willing to share it.
Current Occupation Retired
Education B.S. Ohio State U. M.S. Ohio State U.
Training & Experience 5 yrs. Supervison and Q.C. manager at I & K Dist., Delphos 37 yrs.- vocational teacher, admin. Farmer
After serving as a vocational teacher and administrator for almost 37 years, I have been deeply involved with the directions from Columbus to"do more with less". Most school systems in Ohio have faced similar challenges. County educational service centers are"schools of choice". We must provide services for students. Having served on the Allen County ESC board for several years, we have dealt with major cuts in state funding. We have diligently attempted to maintain services to our local school by increasing our operational efficiency and objectively evaluation all components of our school system. We have combined services whenever possible with similar entities, saving tax dollars. Reducing staff and educational supplies must always be the last resort as these directly impact our children. As an teacher and as an administrator my goal has always to 'do what is best for kids"..... and I continue that challenge as an ESC board member.
Current Occupation Family Consumer Science Teacher
Education B.S. The Ohio State University
Training & Experience I have served on the ESC board for 10 years and have a working knowledge of the role of the ESC.
Funding has been a challenge for the Allen County ESC for several years. Regardless of the funding given, our Allen County schools continue to need the services the ESC provides for them. To meet this imbalance, the ESC must seek ways for services to be streamlined. This past year the Allen County ESC shared superintendent services with the Western Buckeye ESC along with redistributing other positions. I feel the ESC will need to continue to look for other innovative opportunities such as this that will afford it to provide top quality services at the most economical price. In addition, I also believe the ESC must continue to educate our legislature about the shared services we already provide in order to keep the funding we do receive. While the model of the ESC already provides the best method for sharing services between schools, it will take continued education of the both the public and the legislature to maintain the function of the ESC which is providing high caliber, affordable services to the local districts of Allen County. logo


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