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Term: 2 years Salary: $45,2802017 Candidate Meeting, sponsored by the LWV:Wednesday, October 11, 7 pm Pound Ridge Library271 Westchester Avenue, Pound Ridge
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    Kevin C. Hansan (D, IN, WE) Technology Entrepreneur

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    Richard B. Lyman (R, C) Town Supervisor

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City/Town of Residence Pound Ridge
Education Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Sciences
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Campaign Phone (914) 396-8613
The lack of executive leadership has plagued our town for decades. Not enough attention has been given to protecting the business district and other town assets that make Pound Ridge unique. Basic infrastructure challenges have gone unaddressed. As town CEO, my proactive approach will be to engage and demand more cooperation from county and state government to do their part. I’ll also do more to foster community-based problem solving. We don’t need more studies, we need action!
Access to affordable housing has long been a concern for many in Pound Ridge. I’m dedicated to increasing the supply as it is in the best interest of our town and must be a top priority. I will make sure to work with all key stakeholders to put together a realistic plan that will meet multiple goals 1) satisfying federal, state, and county requirements; 2) meeting the housing needs of my constituents; 3) preserving the semi-rural character of our town; 4) and, protecting our environment.
City/Town of Residence Pound Ridge
Current Political Office Town Supervisor
Education B.S. Business Administration University of Connecticut
Prior Civic Service TEP Project Manager, Scott’s Corners Waste Water Task Force, Co-Chair, Safety Committee, OEM, Committee for Traffic Calming in Scotts Corner, Chair, Interim Hwy Dept. Administrator- Pro bono, PR Vol. Fire Dept., Past Member and Treas., PRPD Former Patrol Officer, Charter Member, Sub-Committee on Septic Systems, West. County, PR N2N Active Volunteer, Past leadership in Boy Scouts, Youth Sports, PRESA (Co-Pres 2y, Co-Treas 2Y, Recipient-Good Neighbor Award, Margery Faye Sachs Award
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Campaign Phone (914) 764-5407
The single most important issue is the management of our budget in a time of falling revenues and increasing costs. We continually search for ways to do things better at less cost to minimize the tax burden. I have again received the endorsement of the NYLCV this year, and they recognize the difficulty in balancing the needs and desires of our residents with environmental responsibility. We are constantly looking at our code to balance property rights with the need to protect natural resources.
I worked directly with the former Regional Director of HUD to ensure that our Zoning Code met all the required criteria to encourage fair housing. One of my first acts as Supervisor was to adopt that criteria in our code. Environmental challenges and their associated costs make larger scale development (beyond single family homes) extremely difficult. I continue to work with Allied Community Enterprises to explore all available opportunities in promoting affordable housing in Pound Ridge. logo


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