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Westchester County Executive

Term: 4 years Salary: $160,760Duties: The County Executive is the chief executive. Duties include supervising the day to day administration; supervising the structure and organization of each department; reporting to the County Legislature; appointing, subject to confirmation by the County Legislature; serving as the chief budget officer; executing contracts and agreements for the County; exercising all executive and administrative powers in relation to any and all functions of County government.
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    Robert P. Astorino (R, C) County Executive

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    George S. Latimer (D, WF, IN, WE, REF) Public Servant

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Budget: What would be your approach for balancing the County's budget? What would you do to restore funding for capital improvements?

Housing: How do you think the County should move forward to develop more fair and affordable housing in the County?

How should the County respond to the Governor's announced plan to close the Indian Point nuclear facility?

City/Town of Residence Mount Pleasant
Current Political Office Westchester County Executive
Education Fordham University (B.A.)
Prior Civic Service Westchester County Legislator; Member, Westchester County Board of Ethics; Mount Pleasant Town Board & Deputy Supervisor; Member, Mount Pleasant Board of Education.
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Campaign Phone (914) 481-3672
Twitter @robastorino
When I was elected County Executive, I made a promise to Westchester taxpayers that we would bring fiscal sanity back to county government. We cut taxes and the County budget is smaller today than when I took office, because we made better spending decisions and cut waste, while strengthening the social safety net for those in need. I started by reducing my own staff and asking everyone to chip in a little toward healthcare costs, just like everybody else. Because of our smart budgeting, Westchester has the highest credit rating of any county in NYS, which allows us to save money while accelerating projects and fund an unprecedented $300 million investment in our parks, roads and bridges, all while creating jobs and improving Westchester’s quality of life. Maintaining our infrastructure is vital to our continued economic success.
Westchester is the fourth most diverse county in the state and I’m extremely proud of the commitment we’ve made to building affordable housing. We exceeded the federal government’s requirements with the creation of nearly 900 new units--a more than $80 million investment from county taxpayers--while standing firm against their ridiculous demands and protected the zoning rights of local communities. Affordable housing is needed in every community--and we will continue building it--but I won’t allow bureaucrats in Washington to trample on the rights of local cities, towns and villages.

In addition to building affordable housing, we’ve also focused on reducing the tax burden and on creating jobs so people can stay in their homes. Westchester has 44,000 new private sector jobs since I took office, and we want to keep working to make Westchester a great place to work, live, and raise a family.

Whether you’re for or against Indian Point’s closure, I want to ensure the health, safety and pocketbooks of New Yorkers are protected. The closure was arranged in secret by Governor Cuomo in a “three men in a room” deal, while failing to meet its obligations to the state’s environmental laws. Indian Point provides 25% of NYC’s and Westchester’s electricity supply, and provides over 1,000 jobs. The economic impact on taxpayers and ratepayers will be substantial, hitting seniors and people on fixed incomes the hardest. The plant site would also become a nuclear waste cemetery, with spent radioactive fuel rods stored there for generations. The state failed to file its environmental impact statement that would address many of these questions, and as a result, I recently filed a lawsuit to force the state to comply with its own laws. Surely they must be enforced when closing a nuclear power plant that affects the lives and livelihoods of 9 million New Yorkers.

City/Town of Residence Rye, New York
Current Political Office New York State Senator 37th S.D.
Education Bachelors, Fordham University MPA, NYU Wagner School
Prior Civic Service NAACP of Port Chester Rye Lions Rye Rotary Club Rye City Councilman Westchester County Legislator NYS Assemblyman NYS Senator
Campaign Phone (914) 630-4199
Twitter @Vote4Latimer
To be perfectly blunt, balancing the County Budget is going to take a significant effort on the part of my administration and the Westchester County Board of Legislators. Westchester has been so mismanaged over the last 7 years, the current administration is literally burning the furniture for firewood. Shockingly, our credit rating has even declined. I will first seek a full audit and analysis of the County's Budget. From there, I would ensure that we do not spend more than we take in. Some hard choices will have to be made but the current state of the County's fiscal position is unsustainable.

Once we achieve the balancing of the budget, I will prioritize capital funding for infrastructure across the County based on the highest needs from a safety perspective balanced with our ability to pay and quickly achieve results. I will also seek inter-municipal cooperation after we restore the County's credit rating to insure that our local government partners can augment our capital spendin
I would sit with the experts in this field and find ways to build market rate housing in the midst of our struggling neighborhoods and work to bring affordable housing to areas that are close to public transportation. In this way, we diversify our neighborhoods and attempt to inject local spending in neighborhoods across the County, and stop the concentrations of poverty that have been the result of past practices. We also make it easier for those that are struggling to get to work and pay the bills.

Westchester has the great attribute of its proximity to New York City. This puts additional pressure on policy makers to find ways to build affordable housing. The costs of land, construction material and labor do make this difficult without public monies. So, I will be working with my contacts at the State level and at the federal level to insure that we get funds from them to augment the County's investments.
We must be prepared. We cannot stand on political statements about why this closure should not come to fruition. The reality is that market forces are what has caused the planned Indian Point closure. Westchester County, Cortlandt, Buchanan, and the Hendrick Hudson School District must work together expeditiously to put together a statement of needs to the Governor and our state and federal representatives. These needs will be significantly more than the proposals that I have read up until this point. Our work must be comprehensive and expedited to ensure that taxpayers, rate payers, and our local workforce are protected to the best of our ability. There are renewed discussions at the federal level about the storage of used nuclear rods. I will put Westchester County first in line to remove that waste from our local environment and seek to find ways to reuse the land on which the plant sits. logo


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