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Term: 4 yearsSalary: UnpaidThe School Board is the policy-making body of the school district. It is responsible for providing an education program for students living within the District. To accomplish its role, the Board: Determines the long-range direction of the District Establishes policies that direct the instructional and support programs Employs and evaluates the Superintendent Communicates with the community Negotiates with employee groups to determine salaries and benefits Calls elections on bond proposals Approves the annual budget
  • Timothy I Crawley (N) Attorney

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    Ana del Rocio (N) Policy Director, Multnomah County

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    Cheryl A Scarcelli Ancheta (N) HealthCare Insurance Professional

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Significant policy changes in public education are being considered at the federal and state level. Describe a change that you agree or disagree with and explain your position.

What do you think are the top three equity issues in the district and how will you address them?

What principles will you apply to evaluating recommendations from the superintendent with regard to which programs to reduce in a time of constrained funding?

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Qualifications: My experience as a multi-party negotiator and specialist in dispute resolution are invaluable skills I will bring to the David Douglas School Board. As a legal practitioner, I will be able to provide risk analysis as well.
I agree with the passage of Measure 98. We must focus on our graduation rates and on training our young people for careers that are adaptable and flexible. Not every high school student may be directed to attend and graduate from college, however, we must equip every student with an opportunity for a career. Measure 98 directs spending towards identifying those at-risk of not graduating high school and provides vocational training and career opportunities for our students.
Language barriers, socio-economic status, and immigrant status are the top three issues affecting equity in education in our district. I will help oversee the over $6 million in English Language Learner program spending in the district and fight for the ongoing health of these programs. I will defend the reduced-price lunch program and the reduced-price internet access program. I will pay credence to and support the Inclusive District Resolution protecting our immigrant neighbors.
Our children's learning environment is the greatest asset we have in providing education. In times of constrained funding we must protect the learning environment above all else. I will weigh the superintendent's recommendations based on this scale and consider program reduction in areas having the least impact to the students' actual learning environment.
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Qualifications: Chief of Staff, Oregon State Legislature; Teacher, Bilingual Special Education; Community Organizer, Parent Action Committee; Youth Advocate, Friends of the Children; Finance Director, New Leaders Council; Board Member, Family Forward Action
At the state level, current proposed legislation would invest in equal opportunity for English Language Learners. I fully support these investments because I believe that access to education is a human right, regardless of language or culture of origin. The children and families of David Douglas (which collectively speak over 76 languages) deserve to access free and appropriate education without continuing to fall behind their English-speaking peers in educational achievement.
–Culturally responsive, trauma-informed parent and family engagement is lacking. –The achievement gap negatively affects students of color, students with disabilities, and English language learners. –Leadership at both the school and district levels does not fairly represent the David Douglas community, which is comprised of 61% people of color. As a first-generation immigrant and first-generation college graduate, I will lead DDSD with a strong commitment to excellence through equity.
I will apply an equity lens to all decision-making, and champion the inclusion of all stakeholders at the decision-making table -- especially those stakeholders in communities that are both historically and presently underserved, underrepresented, and undervalued.
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Qualifications: David Douglas Resident for over 50 years. Current David Douglas School Board Director David Douglas Graduate Mother of Two who also graduated from David Douglas PTA President City of Portland Projects
I believe ever student, employee and volunteer of our David Douglas School District are to be supported fairly. The role of the David Douglas School Board is to assure sound decisions and forward thinking are practiced - upholding the public education federal and state policies and laws. We need to balance and protect the needs of all. There is movement about issuing school vouchers. I believe this needs to be given much thought - to Not lessen importance of our strong public school systems.
Education State and Federal Funding Class Sizes Balanced Learning - Academic & Industrial classes along with Music, Art & Athletic programs equals higher grade averages and offers students a solid education for each one of their futures. Each student has a different path - we need to provide them what will guide them to a successful outcome of graduating High School. Next to decide to go on to college or to enter the workforce or both at the same time if that is the path a student's chooses
Our children are the most important asset we have - I believe we must support them with our time, talents and treasures; while giving value for every hard-earned tax dollar. I will continue to be dedicated as a board member to build on the district's history of high Academic outcomes and to preserve our Music, Art, and Athletic programs; allowing for a rich curriculum to meet all students' needs for their future advancement.

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