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Saratoga County Wilton - Town/County Supervisor

The Supervisor is the Chief Financial Officer, Budget Officer, and Chief Executive Officer of Town Government. The Supervisor is the Chairman of the Town Board, and conduct Town Board meetings, public hearings, and public information meetings. The Supervisor represents the Town on the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors.
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    Nancy Dwyer (DEM, PUB)

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    Arthur Johnson (REP, CON, IND) Town and County Supervisor

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What are the most pressing issues facing your town today? How would you propose to address them during your term of office?

What is your motivation for running for this office? What special skills, knowledge, expertise or training do you have?

What are the most critical issues facing Saratoga County today and in the near future? Please explain your answer.

Thirty years ago the 21st century commission recommended a change in the structure of county government but no action was taken. Would you be in favor of creating a commission to look at changing county government structure from the board of supervisors to a county legislature? Please explain your reasons.

Given the growth and development in Saratoga County, what specific growth management techniques would you propose to meet new needs while preserving the quality of life in our communities?

Education M.S., Secondary Mathematics Education, State University of New York, Albany, NY B.S., Economics with minors in Computer Science and Business, State University of New York, Albany, NY Certified Mentor, Buffini Sales Training for Realtors and Lenders – 100 Days to Greatness
Experience and Qualifications Business and community growth professional with significant experience in both commercial and non-profit work. Outgoing, highly resourceful and loves a challenge – overcomes barriers. Brings parties together for mutual benefit. Licensed Real Estate Associate Broker; Mathematics Teacher – Grades 9-12; Treasurer- Ballston Spa Teachers Association; Board Member/VP and Membership Coordinator- Friends of Moreau Lake State Park; Housing and Urban Planning subommittee of Sustainable Saratoga.
Key Endorsements Eleanor's Legacy, AFL-CIO(BTs)
Party Endorsements Democratic Party Endorsement. I created my own independent line- Public Servants.
For more information FB @DwyerForWilton
Campaign Phone (518) 580-9575
Campaign Mailing Address 12 New Kent Rd Wilton, NY 12831
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Some of the issues facing Wilton, and/or concerns I hear from people, are growth and development, walking and bike paths, business develpment along our commercial corridors, keeping our taxes low, and the potential sale of the Mt. McGregor facility.

One responsibility of Town Supervisor is that of facilitator. We should be referencing our Comprehensive Plan, Exit 16 Linkage Study, Open Space Recreation and Pathways Plan, along with guidance from representatives in these fields of expertise, to offer workshops, roundtables, forums, webinars...whatever vehicle or combination therof that will best meet the needs of informing anyone and everyone interested in moving toward solutions and options to be considered.

This town belongs to its residents. We need to develop a better sense of community and what it means to be a Wiltonite. What do we want our community to be? Who are we? A clear, defined vision creates its own path.
My motivation for running for Wilton Town Supervisor comes from my inescapable desire to make a difference and my growing sense of civic duty. With our country in turmoil I felt a need to step up. This is our government and it should work for us and with us. I am not registered with a party and I stay that way as I run because I believe elected officials should be public servants, not party servants or special interest servants. This is not about me or what I want. This is about being a leader, pulling people together to do the hard work of coming to consensus on the issues that affect our lives, our families, our town, our country, our planet. It doesn't matter what designation comes after your name on a registration roll and it's time we stop labeling each other and get to work. The skills I have acquired from teaching, selling, being a treasurer, a board member and committee facilitator, a small business owner, union member, and parent, prepare me well to take on this position.
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I have done a little research in the limited time I have at the moment and I would not be opposed to exploring the option of a county legislature. From what I can tell, we are one of a handful of counties in a handful of states that govern the county with a board of supervisors that hale from each township. There may be economies of scale that we can benefit from by having a legislature thereby saving money and increasing efficiency.
Wish I had the million dollar answer to this million dollar question. My commitment will be to evaluate current strategies in place, research available options, read the county comprehensive plan and seek out the experienced advice and opinions of those that are trained in growth management techniques.
Education Albany Business College SUNY Albany
Experience and Qualifications 15 years serving as Town and County Supervisor Chairman, Saratoga County Board of Supervisors 2009 Member, Saratoga Co. IDA Member. Saratoga Co. Water Authority Member, Saratoga Co. Chamber of Commerce Treasurer, Saratoga Co. Prosperity Partnership Vice Chair, Saratoga Co. Capital Resource Corp. Vietnam Veteran
Party Endorsements Republican Conservative Independence
For more information Facebook Art Johnson for Wilton Supervisor
Campaign Phone (518) 469-1527
Campaign Mailing Address Committee to Elect Art Johnson
Campaign Email
Unlike many municipalities, Wilton is not facing any fiscal stress and growth is under control. The most pressing issues are maintaining and improving the quality of life our residents enjoy and planning for the future. These can be accomplished be being fiscally responsible and balanced budgets. In that way, the Town can continue with its long history of no town or highway tax and have sufficient funding for such services as recreation and road improvements Future planning involves updating our comprehensive plan to account for changing growth and building trends. Traffic studies need to be updated to identify and address infrastructure needs such as intersection and bridge improvements to accommodate increased traffic flow.
I moved to Wilton in 1973 and immediately fell in love with the town. Early on I decided to get involved in town government. I held different positions over the years and was first elected supervisor in 2002. I believe that I have made a difference and contributed to its success. I still have the same drive, ambition, interest and motivation that I had 15 years ago. That is make Wilton the best place to live, work and raise a family. I bring many years of experience and knowledge I gained in serving as both town and county supervisor. I continue to attend training sessions through the NYS Association of Towns and the NYS Association of Counties. I deal with residents concerns or issues in a respectful manner whether I agree or not. I have an open door policy and promptly respond to emails and telephone calls.

The Opioid epidemic has become one of the most pressing issues for the County because of the impact it is having on the health of families and individuals across the nation. The financial costs of this epidemic within our County are in the millions due to the fact that County agencies like the Sheriff's Department, District Attorney's, Mental Health Department, Social Services and the Coroner are all involved in a law enforcement or human service level. As Chairman of the Legislative Committee I initiated the discussion to pursue the filing of a lawsuit against the manufacturers and distributors of these drugs to hold them accountable for the social and financial consequences of this epidemic. Another critical issue is the increased demand for services related public safety and law enforcement which has required the County to not only increase the number of deputies but also staffing in the other public safety departments. We' will likely have to build an new public safety building.
The essential difference between a county legislature and a county board of supervisors is the number of jobs being done by the elected representatives. County legislators have one job, representing the constituents of their districts on the county board. County supervisors have two jobs. They are the chief executive of their town, running town operations and they are the representative of their town on the county board. I can't speak for counties that have a legislature and their efficiency of operations but from my experience with the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors it works well for its residents and have fair representation. I would not advocate for a change in Saratoga county as it works well and would be much more costly. I would not oppose creating a commission to investigate as long as the county had the option to change or not.
Economic development balanced with smart growth is the reason why Saratoga county's population is growing. The demand on Town's, Cities, and Villages in the county to maintain or increase the level of services that residents often take for granted requires long term planning and funding. All municipalities feel the impact of the growth and must constantly look for ways to minimize growth in their annual budgets. There are a variety of ways to accomplish this such as: Enter into shared services agreements to achieve economies of scale for services. Actively managing the costs associated with employees and negotiating health insurance rates. Growth within individual towns must be controlled through comprehensive planning and zoning and balancing anticipated grow with preserving acres of open space. logo


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