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Saratoga County Wilton Hwy Supt

  • John Helenek (DEM, PUB)

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    Kirklin Woodcock (REP, CON, IND) Wilton HIghway Superintendent

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Education Schuylerville Central School Cornell Local Roads Program Quartermaster School, Fort Lee Virginia
Experience and Qualifications I have 30 years experience as Wilton's Highway Superintendent
Party Endorsements Republican, Conservative, and Independence Parties
Campaign Mailing Address 147 Traver Road Gansevoort, NY 12831
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My motivation is to continue with the successful work that I and the rest of the Wilton HIghway Department have accomplished over the past 30 years. I have the knowledge and experience to do the superintendent's job. I love my job and and I love working with my colleagues.

I have attended the Cornell Local Roads Program for the past 29 years. This program consists of seminars on road construction and other topics related to highway management. I am a member of the NYS Highway Superintendent’s Association and currently vice president of the Saratoga County Town Highway Superintendent’s Association. I have been working closely with all our town departments, including the emergency squad and the fire departments. I have also been involved with the information technology that we instituted to help with the maintenance of our equipment.

One of the many things I am proud of is the Gavin Park trail. This project is essential for the exercise and health of our residents. I am also proud of the helipad we constructed at Fire Station 1, which was needed for the residents. I was able to advocate for funds to make our roads wider for our residents’ use. I am also proud of helping to save the historic fire tower on Scout Road by doing some construction work for the foundation. I have also been involved with some of the construction work at Wilton Wildlife and Preserve. logo


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