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The Town Board is the legislative appropriating, governing and policy determining body of the Town. It determines the types and levels of service to be provided. The board annually adopts the Town budget which reflects the cost of conducting operations and monitors Town operations. In its legislative capacity, the Board passes resolutions and enacts ordinances and laws which govern the functions of town government and ensure the safety and well- being of all residents
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    Joseph S Grasso (REP, CON, IND) Senior Project Manager CHA Consulting, Inc.

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    Erin E Miller (DEM) Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and Freelance Inbound Marketer

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    Douglas M Ranaletto (REP, CON) Regional Manager

  • Edmund W Snyder (DEM, IND) Retired Manager for General Electric and COO for GTS Energy

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Biographical Information

What unique qualifications do you have that makes you a good candidate to meet the current needs of our community?

How will you reach out to your community to assure broad based community support and involvement?

What are the most pressing issues facing your town today? How would you propose to address them?

Given the 2% tax cap, has your town been impacted by the need to balance services and ability to pay?

Education Bachelors of Landscape Architecture, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Experience and Qualifications 2014 - Present: Councilman, Charlton Town Board; 1996 - Present: Associate Vice President, Senior Project Manager, CHA Consulting, Inc.; 2014 - Present: Advisory Council Saratoga P.L.A.N.; 2017 - Present: Saratoga County Youth Advisory Board; 2008 - 2013: Town of Charlton Agricultural Task Force; 2011 - 2013: Saratoga County Farmland and Land Preservation Committee; 2011 - 2013; Board of Directors, Saratoga P.L.A.N.
Key Endorsements Charlton Republican Committee, Saratoga County Republican Party, Saratoga County Independence Party
Party Endorsements Republican, Independence, Conservative
Campaign Phone (518) 257-0224
Campaign Mailing Address 1218 Eastern Avenue, West Charlton, NY 12010
Campaign Email
Having helped grow an engineering company from 250 to over 900 employees during my career, I understand the importance of maintaining a strong financial position, elating your clients through exemplary service and empowering staff at all levels. These are the same qualities that I have brought to the Town of Charlton during my tenure on the Town Board, with proven positive results. My background in community planning and public works infrastructure has been instrumental in helping the Town plan for slow, responsible growth and maintain its roads and water supply system.
It is important that as a representative of the Town you create an environment that allows residents an opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas about Charlton with you. I plan on continuing my tradition of being visible in the community through my work on the Town Board, by attending various community activities, meetings and events and fostering a sense of open and honest communication with all Charlton residents. Residents who I have had the good fortune of interacting with, know that I will always make myself available to answer questions or listen to concerns, whether in person, by phone or via e-mail.
Fiscal Responsibility: The Town of Charlton has no Town tax, so we must continue to seek ways to provide essential services while keeping expenditures consistent with our revenues. Each Town Board member personally reviews every expenditure by the Town. This helps us identify areas of potential cost savings and optimizing value. To better understand the Town's long term financial picture and plan for future expenditures, the Town completed a qualitative assessment of all Town roads, completed a life cycle cost analysis of our highway equipment, and routinely looks at multi-year financial forecasting. Cell Phone Service/High Speed Internet: The need for these services has grown from one of convenience to one of necessity, providing an effective business tool and enhancing safety and security of our residents. We must work with the service providers and residents to identify the best, least impactful ways to get these services throughout Charlton.
Because Charlton continues to have no Town tax and no Highway tax, the 2% tax cap is moot. A better descriptor for Charlton is a self-imposed 0% tax cap. Every municipality in New York State is impacted by the need to balance services against the ability to pay for them, and Charlton is no different. I continually listen to the needs of the residents and Town departments, and work with the Town Board on providing the financial resources to meet these needs, whether it be funding the two emergency medical services that cover our Town (Ballston Lake EMS and Galway EMS), funding annual roadway re-paving projects by the Highway Department, or making improvements to our parks.
Education B.A. in Music Industry from SUNY Oneonta
Experience and Qualifications 2006-2007 - Sales Assistant - Regent Broadcasting in Schenectady 2007-2010 - Director of Development - Heritage Health Care Center in Utica 2010 - Present - Freelance Social Media work 2012-2013 - Inbound Marketer - Mountainside Medical Equipment in Utica 2013-2015 - Community Manager - Adjusters International/Basloe, Levin & Cuccaro in Albany (based in Utica) 2015 - Present - Licensed Real Estate Salesperson at HUNT Real Estate ERA Current - Member of Capital Region Chamber's YPN Planning Board
Party Endorsements Democratic Party
For more information Email:
Campaign Phone (518) 222-4590
Campaign Mailing Address 1918 Amsterdam Rd, Ballston Spa, NY 12020
Campaign Email
I am a member of the younger generation, the generation that is beginning to move into the town and raise their families. I have a unique outlook on things that I feel represents those in my generation. We are full of new ideas and are not afraid to try and fail. I hope that my experiences are able to assist the town in creating better communications, increased community involvement, and programs to help those in need in our community. I am a big proponent of fairness, integrity, and inclusiveness. In my experiences everyone has something they can bring to the table and provide benefit to others, I hope that my ideas can help lead Charlton into a world that is blended with 21st century attributes while keeping our historic and rural character front and center.
I want to look at the website & see how to make it more user-friendly & more current in today’s online landscape; or see if another program would be better suited. In addition, I'd like to add a Facebook page. The Charlton Town Police & Highway Department each have their own FB page that they do a nice job with, they are kept up regularly with a variety of content types. So why does the Town of Charlton not have a Facebook page? It's a fast, efficient way to get info out to the public, as well as fostering an online community that's more likely to take action & invest in their community. A monthly email newsletter, as well as hard copies available for pickup, is essential. It does not have to be as in-depth as the main newsletter, which in all fairness I like, but this is more as a reminder of happenings in the town & recap happenings at board & committee meetings within the month. I feel if information is more accessible and available we might have more people looking to get involved.
One big thing in the town is the cellphone tower and its placement. I'm a firm believer in preparedness & see the lack of cell service as a safety issue. The current plan for the tower has come to a standstill as we wait on answers for Verizon. I'm not opposed to putting this cell tower on private land, but I personally feel that should be entertained after exhausting the possibility of using all town-owned parcels. While the revenue brought in from the cell tower isn’t a crazy amount, I would rather see it benefit the town first. I have already addressed the need to increase and better our communications, something that I think can easily be done. Another concern is our level of preparedness for a major disaster or even small disaster. I would like to work on a comprehensive safety plan, involving all of our first responders, as well as some sort of support plan for the seniors regardless of a disaster occurring.
Given that we don't have a town tax I don't think this is really an issue at all right now.
Education United States Navy, Morrisville State College,Business
Experience and Qualifications United States Navy Veteran 15 plus years as a successful businessman Four yrs Board Director, NYS Propane Gas Assoc. Six yrs Youth League baseball coach Two yrs Youth League Board Director and Sponsorships 10 plus years on Charlton town Committees, Environmental Conservation and Zoning Board of Appeals Husband, married 27 years Father to one boy and one girl
Party Endorsements Republican Committee
Campaign Phone (518) 596-2347
Campaign Mailing Address 4027 Jockey Street Charlton, NY 12019
Campaign Email
I believe my experience as a Navy Veteran, leader, businessman, father and a committed, active participant including 10 plus years spent on various town committees and now a Councilman will enable me to represent ALL of the people in Charlton. Having both business and government experience it has given me a keen awareness to what is important for residents and business’s.

My goal is to concentrate on providing the important services to our residents while keeping the town free of any type of town or highway tax.
I plan to spend time meeting with residents through various evening community events, dinners, rotary and periodic door to door visits. I would also like to send an email out to all of our residents who have one so that they have my email address and personal cellphone number in case they ever need to contact me about an issue. I would also like to revise our town newsletter so that it includes an update by me for the departments that I have oversight for.
One of the most pressing issues that you consistently hear about is the lack of good quality cellphone service. With the help of all residents we have to identify and decide on a palatable location on Town of Charlton property.
The Town of Charlton does not have a town or highway tax. Our water district is under the 2% tax cap.
Education Degrees in: Industrial Electronics, Electrical Technology, Engineering Mechanics, Masters Business Administration, Power System Engineering Program, US Coast Guards Master Captain Credentials
Experience and Qualifications 39 years with General Electric Co. Corporate Operations Officer for GTS Energy, NYS Certified Assessor-Advanced, Construction Cost Estimator, US Dept. of Energy Nuclear Security (Secret clearance), US Homeland Security (TWICs) credentials
Key Endorsements Greater Capital Region Building and Construction Trades Council AFL-CIO
Party Endorsements Independence Party member Democratic Party
For more information Certified Search and Rescue volunteer for Dept. of Environmental Conservation, Previous Police Officer (NY), Previous NYS Department of State registered Armed Guard licensed Tristate Search and Rescue Scuba Diver
Campaign Email Charltonindependent@
I have been actively involved with Charlton for 36 years. I have been an Elected Assessor for a period of time and have balanced the assessment roles and equalized all the values. I have performed a total revalue for the town's properties and performed these duties under budget and under the time allowed. I have been involved with the building of infrastructures of multiple projects around the world and have a proven track record of getting things accomplished. I have US Patents which have benefitted business and personnel. I have a vast background with construction and trade organizations. Numerous labor organizations support my abilities and have endorsed me as someone which is knowledgeable and fair with everyone. My education from various colleges show that I have electrical and mechanical abilities. I returned to college at 55 years of age and proceeded to acquire an Masters in Business Administration in 19 months with a grade point of 4.0 helping to rationalize town's finances.
I am a firm believer that all the town's citizens should have their input into major projects or issues. To that end, I have set up an Email address for many of the town's people to contact me with concerns or suggestions as we go forward. I strongly believe that there should always be an opportunity for our town's folk to be able to VOTE on major decisions and issue resolution. If the timing is such that this won't be timely, I believe that a mailer to every household should be done to make all the citizens aware of something that could involve them. Having a past of closed door decisions making by the present Town Board and lack of regard to whom is effected is not good government by my thoughts. I along with my running mates will commit to one nightly meeting per week for the citizens to voice their ideas.
I have seen numerous closed door sessions where the citizens were not allowed to be involved. This needs to stop immediately. Government by one or four is not good government by my standards. The present town board has taken away all the citizens of Charlton ability to elect some of our representatives. The present town board has eliminated the elected Assessor's position and went to an appointed Assessor. The town's people cannot remove this Assessor if necessary. If I am successful in my endeavor I will push to have a permissive referendum to go back to an Elected Assessor. I am strongly pushing for a committee of citizens to work with the NEW Town board to get other ideas and inputs. This committee will be from various political party background, not just Republicans. There are numerous talented people of other parties or no party at all. I want to hear from them. I have an extensive background as a Construction Cost Engineer and will review all COST projects for the town.
Our town has been more impacted by the huge law suits that have taken place under the present town board. This fact has put Charlton into a terrible financial situation which is impacting our road repairs and up dating of necessary equipment. Charlton could decrease the costs associated with running the Government if the right people could make the right decisions. I believe that the 2% tax cap helps the average citizen deal with the multitude of other expenses that we all see. When I see some of the present tax assessments for individuals on the town board, I remember what I found when I was an Assessor. The idea that some should get better treatment in their assessments is not fair to the rest of the citizens. I fought this before and won and will do what is necessary to level the playing field again. logo


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