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Omaha City Council, District 7

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    Aimee Melton Elected Official and Attorney

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    Brian Thommes QT Store Manager

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What are the top three issues you feel must be addressed in the next four years and how will you do so?

What steps should the City of Omaha take to expand economic growth?

Are there services or operations that you think the City and County should consider merging and why?

What are Omaha’s most pressing transportation needs? If elected, how would you address those needs? (Online only)

What, if any, changes would you like to see to the current waste collection system? (Online only)

Address 1324 N. 129th Circle Omaha, NE 68154
Current Public Office, dates held Omaha City Council District 7, 2013-present
Education Political Science, B.S. University of Nebraska-Omaha Juris Doctor, Creighton University
Volunteer experience Essential Pregnancy Services St. Robert Bellarmine
Public safety is my top priority. We must continue to invest in equipment and personnel to reduce emergency response times and continue our aggressive approach to fighting crime. Fiscal responsibility is a significant element of our success over the last four years. While I have served on the City Council, we have cut property tax rates twice, while still increasing cash reserves, and we made significant progress on pension reform. Finally, I am focused on policies that promote economic growth. Infrastructure is critical, and I will continue to support increased city investment in street improvement. Less crime, lower taxes, and a more efficient government have contributed to renewed confidence in Omaha. This progress must continue.
We must foster an economic environment that encourages businesses to hire and invest. Omahans are creative and dynamic, and our business and cultural leaders are some of the best in America. City government needs to instill confidence, tackling our fiscal and public safety challenges with competence and efficiency. High property taxes, fees, and regulations have made Omaha less competitive in the past. Cutting taxes and eliminating burdensome regulations will encourage further growth.

Over the last four years, by pursuing savings and greater efficiency, we've controlled costs while expanding city services to thousands of new Omahans. This disciplined approach will ensure that Omaha can meet new challenges posed by economic growth.
Any merged services or operations must yield significant savings and operational advantages for Omaha taxpayers. I continue to support an independent crime lab, in partnership with the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Douglas County.
Omaha's most pressing transportation need is road improvement. Decades of deferred maintenance have taken their toll. While we've significantly increased the budget for street maintenance, more investment is needed.

We must make careful decisions that maximize the benefit of transit service for the entire city. Expanding Bus Rapid Transit service as demand rises is preferable to less flexible options that force the city to make higher long-term financial commitments. Public transit expansion must make sense for taxpayers.

Walking and bicycling are not year-round transportation options for most, but they are important. Omaha's Complete Streets policy, which I supported, helps ensure that pedestrians and bicyclists have safe routes.
The top priority in waste collection must continue to be consistent, high-quality service at the best price. I would like to see expansion and modernization of the city's recycling program, including covered recycling bins, but not at the expense of the reliability of regular garbage pickup or the financial health of waste removal services. Residents judge city service by whether it can be consistently relied upon, and providing this reliability is critical.
Address 9183 Ellison Ave Omaha, NE 68134
Education Bachelors of Continuing Studies, University of Nebraska, Omaha. Masters of Management, University of Phoenix
Volunteer experience President of the OGLBT Sports League
The issues that I see as needing to be addressed are: 1) Sustainable economic development: we cannot predict the future, however, we must work with developers to build mixed-use developments that work to enhance the area that they are in. 2) Long term infrastructure growth and improvement: we need to look for ways to improve overall city services for the community, roads, police fire, and transportation 3) Keeping young people in Omaha: we have some amazing colleges and universities in the metro that are nurturing our youth. We need to leverage Omaha’s advantages to bring businesses into Omaha and work with our universities and colleges to identify potential startups, that as a city, we can promote and invest in for our future.
Omaha needs to embrace a long-term strategic plan to bring all areas of the city together. Build faster, permanent transportation routes that people can rely on to get to work. We need to ensure that all citizens are earning a living wage so that they can afford to live in the city. We should promote tourism. We should work to revitalize neighborhoods that have been overlooked for the last decade.
Anytime that Omaha and the county can combine services and save money by merging is a benefit. However, this cannot happen at the expense of anyone’s safety. Without researching more in depth, I cannot completely answer this question.
Omaha needs to ensure that people from all areas of the city can move around the city easily. Our current busing system is just not effective. It can take upwards of an hour to get from North Omaha to Westroads. The Bus Rapid Transit system is a great start, but we need to do more. We need to work on good reliable and affordable transportation that will allow all citizen’s the opportunity to enjoy Omaha’s diverse culture.
I want to see Omaha work to have a better environmental footprint. We need to improve the current recycling program to include more materials We need to stop dumping yard waste in the landfill. We need to bring back OmaGrow and talk up the benefits of recycling and how it impacts us now, and also for future generations. logo


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