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Two to be elected to a 4 year term. In each Ohio township there is a board of township trustees consisting of three members. Elections alternate every two years electing one trustee, then two years later electing two trustees.
  • Mark Berning Sales Management

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    Joe Honerlaw Attorney

  • Kyle W. Hufford

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    Chelsea Rothschild Administrative Assistant

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Campaign Phone (513) 702-3767
Experience I have been a Springfield Township Trustee for almost 4 years. I have run businesses with sales over $85 Million in sales covering 4 states and 6 sales representatives.
As a Trustee for almost 4 years I have learned a great deal from my experience. We have tackled large state cuts to our local government funds and many other difficult decisions for the future of our Township.
Continue with major Economic Development projects that will enhance the township immediately and long term.

Continue to fix our roads using all state and local resources to get township residents the biggest bang for their buck.

Continue to offer the outstanding services our residents expect from us everyday to keep Springfield Township a leader in the county for police, fire, EMS and all services.
Campaign Phone (513) 931-2200
Education Kenyon College- Bachelor of Science Capital University- Juris Doctor
Occupation Founding partner of The Honerlaw Firm, LLC, a law firm located in Springfield Township.
Experience I have served the citizens of Springfield Township as a trustee since 1996. Currently, I am Vice-President of the Hamilton Co. Township Association. Chairman of the Hamilton Co. Stormwater Oversight Board and a member of the Hamilton Co. Land Bank
Political Philosophy As a Trustee, I have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of all of the residents of Springfield Township. I believe in protecting taxpayer dollars by being fiscally conservative. My goal in every decision I make as trustee is to protect public safety and improve our neighborhoods and business districts. When tough decisions have to made, such as when the state cut $1,500,000 of our funds, I have made them and as a result have ensured the long term financial stability of the Township.
My record of success leading the township includes: Created township fire department; enacted township zoning, property maintenance code, & energy aggregation program. Implemented economic development district which stabilized township finances.
1. To continue our five year plan to improve the roads of the Township. As your Trustees, we have implemented an innovative plan which combines state grants, road levy funds and voluntary assessments which have allowed the Township to improve or replace over 100 roads in the past four years. 2. To protect our residents and neighborhoods by maintaining and improving our award winning Police, Fire and Service Departments. 3. To encourage economic development to provide job opportunities for all.
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Education B.A. in Sociology, B.S. in Biology from Bellarmine University (Louisville, KY) Covington Latin School Graduate (Covington, KY)
Experience I have served as Parish Secretary and Webmaster at St. Vivian Parish for the past several years and have helped modernize the parish, including overhauling our online presence. I am also a Big Sister and a Girl Scout Troop Leader.
Political Philosophy It’s time for a fresh perspective. I will work with our many great neighborhoods to hear resident concerns, to make our township’s government more user friendly, and bring Springfield Township into the modern era.
My documented history of hands-on service and my proficiency in researching the issues will help me build a greater future for Springfield Township. My fresh perspective enables me to develop creative solutions to tough, long-standing problems.
Firstly, I will review policies and practices in our administration that have remained stagnant and unchanged for years. My second priority will be ensuring user-friendly government and modern transparency, by putting organized documents and data online for easy access and use. I will then reallocate cost savings from the above measures to other projects such as, but not limited to, infrastructure improvement, while informing residents of these plans and priorities. logo


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