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Blue Ash Council Ward 2

Blue Ash City Council is comprised of 7 individuals, one from each of five wards and two at large. 2 year term. 
  • Joe Leet

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    Stephanie Stoller V. Pres. Covap Inc.

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Campaign Phone (513) 793-0873
Education Walnut Hills High School, U.C. College of Pharmacy
Occupation Vice-President, Covap Inc. I along with my husband ARNY own and operate Covap Inc. A Blue Ash business with 14 employees.
Experience I have been involved in Blue Ash City Government for many years, first as an interested citizen and, later, as a member of Blue Ash City Council. I was Mayor of Blue Ash for two terms and Vice-Mayor of Blue Ash for three terms.
Endorsements “Over the last few decades Blue Ash has become a safe & amenity-laden community that is the envy of the region. As former Mayor and current Councilmember, Stephanie Stoller has been an integral part of the stewardship of Blue Ash over its transformation. Her resident-focused, calm & thoughtful approach has served our community well. She leads by example, votes with her heart and faces tough challenges head on.” -Marc Sirkin, Ward 5
Political Philosophy I believe that the appropriate philosophy is that of Progressive, Steady Leadership. I always want to make sure that we keep the quiet friendly atmosphere of our city but I also know that our businesses have allowed us to make the amazing advances in our city that has resulted in Blue Ash being the enormous success envied by all in our area. It is important to the future of Blue Ash that we keep this balance.
Let's Face It - Blue Ash is a Terrific Success Story. As a long term member of Blue Ash City Council, I have been instrumental in the creation of that Success. I hope that my constituents will allow me to continue this important work.
1. I want Blue Ash to remain one of the most treasured places in our area to live and work ..... 2. Summit Park is on the way to becoming one of Blue Ash's most valuable assets. I want to work with the city administration and other City Council members to continue toward that end ...... 3. When I ask constituents if they have any questions or issues with the city of Blue Ash, they nearly always smile and reply, "No, we love Blue Ash." --- I will work very hard to keep getting that answer. logo


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