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2 to be elected. 4 year term.
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    Jeff Berte Self Employed Accountant

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    Viola E. Johnson Professor

  • Jessica E. Miranda

  • Steven Richburg

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Education I Graduated from Forest Park High School 1978 and have a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati 1983 – Major Accounting. I am a Certified Public Accountant with an Inactive license.
Occupation Self Employed Accountant.
Experience I am currently serving as a Winton Woods School Board Member and as a Great Oaks School Board Member. I have previously held senior management positions in Finance and Operations in Healthcare organizations and I have served on corporate boards.
I am currently serving as a Winton Woods School Board Member and a Great Oaks School Board Member. I have over 30 years of experience in Finance and Operations management roles in many industries. I have a common sense approach to solving problems.
1. Academic performance improvement is currently and will be the first priority. 2. Making sure that the new buildings enhance the educational transformation to Project Based Learning, provide a safe learning environment for students and are built within the budget. 3. I will continue to work with my fellow Board members, our Superintendent and Treasurer so that when the current Emergency Operating Levy expires that we only ask the communities we serve for a levy renewal and not a tax increase.
Community support has improved over the last couple of years as demonstrated by the passage of the bond levy. My focus will be on community expectations for improved academic performance and fiscal responsibility. Increased communication regarding positive aspects such as the new school buildings, their positive impact on the communities, the 5 star rated preschool and the national recognition of the music program combined with better academic results will continue to improve community support.
Campaign Phone (513) 409-3186
Education Bachelor of Science in Business Education Master of Art in PM-Deaf Studies Doctorate of Education
Occupation Tenured Professor Cincinnati State Technical & Comm. College Business Technologies Division (Information Management)
Experience As an educator with over 30 years of experience, I understand that higher expectations and curriculum enhancements have a direct impact on improved student performance.
Political Philosophy To provide inroads to students that creates an atmosphere that meets the learning needs of all students and challenges and empowers students at all levels to pursue life-long academic and career goals.
I have a Bachelor's degree in Business Education, Master’s degree in PM-Deaf Studies, and a Doctorate in Education; have served 4 years on the Winton Woods School Board and have been instrumental in executing some significant changes in the district.
1. Improve academic quality/evaluate academic standards 2. Encourage/enhance community engagement 3. Support financial transparency and stability for the district.
Quality neighborhood public schools are always going to be preferred by homeowners; however, all stakeholders (teachers, administrators, superintendent, parents, students, business owners etc.) have a vested interest in the success of the neighborhood public schools. I'll continue to work building collaborative partnerships with community engagement efforts, encouraging parental involvement, and maintaining academic excellence that promotes quality neighborhood public schools.
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