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3 to be elected. 4 year term.
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    Diane Adamec

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    David C. Evans Manager

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    Nick Frankowski Student

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    John W. Mercurio Engineering Consultant

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    Paaras Parker Head of Talent

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Campaign Phone (513) 265-2216
Education Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering, Kansas State University - 1984
Occupation Retired P&G Manager and Community Volunteer
Experience 12 year Board of Education Member; 4-time Board President; Parent of 2 Sycamore Alumni; 18 year career in P&G Management; Long time community volunteer
Political Philosophy My political philosophy is to do what is right for the students, community, taxpayers, and staff of this great district.
The last 12 years as a board member, in addition to my broad business skills, leadership experience, and long-time commitment to the community uniquely qualify me to help lead Sycamore Community Schools for the next 4 years.
Over the past 12 years, Sycamore has an enviable record of: -Outstanding Academics (consistently in the top 10 school districts) -Strong Fiscal Responsibility (budget growth less than 1% per year) -Overwhelming Community Support and Communication My promise is to ensure that Sycamore maintains academic and fiscal excellence and continues to deliver the outstanding results our community expects.
Families move to Sycamore because of the excellent academics, comprehensive programming and reasonable tax rates. This gives our district a competitive advantage over others and helps keep our housing values strong. I will build consensus by continuing to deliver the quality educational system they desire, by efficiently managing the financial resources entrusted to us, and open and honest two-way dialog with all stakeholders.
Education BS Engineering, MBA Business Management
Occupation Operations and business manager for a manufacturing company the produces hardware for commercial and military customers
Experience My initial work experience was in engineering and manufacturing, followed by years of increasing executive responsibility and broadening experience in technology/internet strategy, sales, marketing, operations, and business management.
Political Philosophy Excellence in our educational systems and students is a priority worth maintaining
I have served on several boards, both local and nation, which have ranged from advisory boards, not for profit boards, educational boards and company boards. In addition, I have done consulting in the higher education world.
I am seeking to become a member of the Sycamore School Board for three major reasons. 1) My passion for the learning process. I have worked with several teachers and their students to provide advance STEM education opportunities. 2) My long term interest in the Sycamore School System and its welfare. I have worked with the superintendents and school board members for more than 10 years and 3) My personal desire for our children to get the best education possible.
I think one of the biggest challenges that the school system will continue to face in the future may come from external factors, such as the educational funding mechanisms, requiring a more self-sustaining funding model. The community has recently passed a levy to provide stable funding for the school district and as a board member I would take my fiduciary responsibility very seriously and work hard to make sure those funds are spent wisely on the education of our children.
Campaign Phone (513) 300-2414
Twitter @Nick4Syc
Education I am a proud Class of 2015 graduate of Sycamore High School. Currently, I am pursuing dual degrees at The Ohio State University: a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Bachelor of Science in Political Science.
Occupation I am currently a student at The Ohio State University. I have held internships recently with Cincinnati City Councilman Charlie Winburn, as well as with Foresters Financial Services.
Experience I am a recent graduate of Sycamore Schools with a firsthand perspective on how policy affects students. As a member of Councilman Winburn's team, I analyzed Cincinnati's $1.6 billion budget for the Mayor and City Manager.
Political Philosophy Independent minded. I am fiscally conservative in the sense that taxpayer money belongs to the taxpayer, and we thus have the obligation to be responsible and transparent with our spending. I also believe that families are the backbone of our society, and we have an obligation as a school system to ensure our families and communities remain strong.
I am the only candidate running who has been a recent student in our schools. I believe my experience would bring an important, fresh, and thoughtful perspective to our Board in an age of such rapid scientific and technological advancement.
My top three priorities have remained the same since the beginning of this campaign: 1) Innovation. We must guarantee that our families, students, and teachers have the proper training and technology for a 21st Century education. 2) Stability. I'm committed to keeping our district on a sustainable, long-term financial path. Our families deserve nothing less. 3) Transparency. Every tax dollar must be spent with purpose and openness. We can not afford waste with our children's futures at stake.
Consensus is formed in the 3 Cs - Community + Collaboration + Communication. Our community is more than willing to rally around our public schools - we proved that last November. I believe we must continue to collaborate We are blessed with an incredible business infrastructure, and we must partner with them to build for community success. Also, communication is key. On policy issues affecting our district, every voice must be heard and weighed carefully. Together, we can build consensus.
Campaign Phone (513) 791-1393
Education B.S. in Civil Engineering - Univ. of Cincinnati; M.S. in Environmental Engineering - Univ. of Cincinnati
Occupation Engineering Consultant
Experience - 8-yr Sycamore Board Member ('09-current) - 4-yr Legislative Liaison for Board - 6-yr member of research arm of the board (Sycamore Planning Commission, '04-'09) - Led data analysis team for '09 Renewal Levy (passed 74%) and '10 Maple Dale Bond Levy
Endorsements •Diane Adamec, Current Sycamore School Board Member, 2006- •Paul Balent, Current Sycamore School Board Member, 2015- •Melissa Weiss, Current Sycamore School Board Member, 2015- •Jean Staubach, Sycamore School Board Member 1998-2018 •Ken Richter, Former School Board Member 2004-2016, and Debbie •Scott Reynolds, Montgomery Chamber of Commerce Board •Ken Suer, Montgomery Council •Chris Dobrozsi, Mayor of Montgomery •Dan and Anne Michel, Private School Parents; Bill and Pam Wise, Sycamore Parents
Political Philosophy We live in a vibrant community that is experiencing constant growth and renovation. Enrollment (5,473) is up to it's highest level since 2006. I want to be re-elected to continue to make the Sycamore School District a place that delivers a first-rate education for our students and attracts families, empty-nesters, high-quality teachers, and businesses. This is accomplished by rewarding our superior staff while maintaining relatively low tax rates. Are we there right now? Absolutely!
- 8-yr Sycamore Board Member ('09-current) - 4-yr Legislative Liaison for Board - 6-yr member of research arm of the board (Sycamore Planning Commission, '04-'09) - Led data analysis team for '09 Renewal Levy (passed 74%) and '10 Maple Dale Bond Levy
1. Promote the use of data to allow each and every child to truly reach their full potential. The technology is here and in use but the analysis can be improved! 2. Hire teachers with experience elsewhere. Sycamore will remain attractive for high-quality teachers so there’s no harm in letting them cut their teeth in another district and make sure we get the best. 3. Clear communication process of total compensation. Common understanding on apples-to-apples benchmarks keeps Sycamore Strong!
I understand it’s imperative to get all the facts before passing judgment, representing all stakeholders–students, teachers, and taxpayers. After listening to a variety of these community stakeholders over the past 8 years, I truly believe that the differences in the community’s vision of what Sycamore schools should look like are minimal. I am certain that we can continue to unite the schools and community to realize that common vision, by communicating the facts about the district to all.
Education Sycamore Community Schools Miami University
Occupation Head of Talent Development at 84.51
Experience I am a servant leader who has served and led in a number of non profit board positions and committees. Additionally, I am a successful Human Resources professional.
I have a unique mix of professional human resources experience combined with personal passion for students, teachers and the district that makes me a great candidate for this position.
I will be an accessible, transparent and engaging member of the board. I am committed to influencing strategy based on data, holding district leaders accountable and supporting them and focusing/supporting the talent that develops our youth.
I will continue to be present in the community and be an advocate for our students, teachers and district. I believe being accessible, transparent and engaging will continue to build trust and lead to great dialogue in our community. Our community has made Sycamore great and we need to stay focused on keeping Sycamore a destination district - together. logo


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